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Well… I don’t really have two boyfriends. It certainly feels like it, though. I’ll be seeing Hayden 3x this week. I may be seeing Joaquin 2x.

Is this serious? I don’t even know what to think.

I saw Hayden on Monday night, which I already detailed here. Yesterday he sent me a text asking if he could see me again on Thursday night. I said sure, then also suggested seeing him on either Friday or Saturday so that he wouldn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and go to work like he usually does. He said absolutely, which made me smile, and offered Friday. He said, “We can sleep in and be lazy on Saturday morning.” Warm fuzzies.

So, yes, I will be seeing Hayden on both Thursday night and Friday night. Two nights in a row!

I was supposed to see Joaquin tonight but he texted me yesterday asking if I was free on Thursday night because he wanted to go a concert together. Aww. This seemed pretty significant! But I already had plans with Hayden.

He said Wednesday wasn’t ideal for him because he had a therapy appointment he couldn’t reschedule and it meant we’d get a later start, but he asked if I was free last night instead. I told him that last night worked for me (I had a first date scheduled -the re-schedule from last week- but he never confirmed and frankly I was tired of chasing him down), but we’d have to get a later start than usual because I had my kids until 8.

Either worked and it meant a later start time no matter what. So I told him last night was fine.

Him: Perfect. I will not be late. I’ll be there right after the kids leave.

I wasn’t so sure.

Me: OK. Should I tell you they leave at 7:15 to account for Joaquin Time?

Him: LOL. Actually yes.

Me: Ok then. They leave at 7:15.

Did it work? No. I was disappointed and annoyed.

I was waiting for him with bells on when the kids left at 8:05. At 8:07, I got a text from him saying his ETA was 8:30. Fuck.

In the future, I will not even mention I’m speaking in Joaquin Time and see if it works. This is a pet peeve of mine. Be where you say you’re going to be.

Since I had some free time to spare, I hopped onto OK Cupid to hunt for a 95% or higher compatibility match. There weren’t very many to choose from, and most of the highly matched I was attracted to I had apparently already “liked” at one point in the past.

I had one 99% match, but I wasn’t attracted to him. Bummer.

I perused the remaining I thought were attractive that I hadn’t already “liked”. I almost liked one but he mentioned having a “polite 13 year old son” in his profile. That’s sweet and all, but I doubt someone with a polite only child would be able to stomach my two rough & tumble kids. Admittedly, this likely wouldn’t have even been a concern for me had he not used the term “polite” to describe his son. It seemed like a compatibility concern.

In my perusing, I passed by Joaquin’s profile… and was alarmed to see that he was online. He was online when he was supposed to be at my place.

I wondered if he saw that I was online, as well. Had he gone online to specifically check my profile activity, knowing I wasn’t available to see him on Thursday night and suspected I had a date? Probably not… but still. My imagination ran wild.

Wow. This was awkward.

I was butt-hurt. I tried to shake it off, reminding myself that OK Cupid always lags when showing someone as online. (Mr. Promising and I had tested out this theory long ago once when we were sitting together at a restaurant. He’d asked me to log on then log out… and OK Cupid would show me as still being online 20 to 30 minutes later.) It’s possible he wasn’t online at that moment. But one thing was for certain: He was recentlyย online.

I was still a bit rattled when Joaquin knocked on my front door 10 minutes later at 8:33. He looked a little rattled, as well, so maybe he had seen me online on OK Cupid? Or maybe I was imagining it.

Our energy felt different than usual for a while after he arrived. He asked me some questions about my weekend that highlighted to me that he hadn’t read the texts I had sent him last weekend. What the fuck?! I became even more butt-hurt.

He immediately set up his amp and serenaded me with his guitar. Super sweet. He showed me photos of him when he was 15 and in his first punk band. He was adorable.

My annoyance eventually melted away.

We had super hot and tender sex for a couple hours. I climaxed 6 or 7 times. We watched a Howard Stern show about marital troubles. (He’s on a kick of showing me Howard Stern shows highlighting marital woes – I wonder what that’s about.) It spurred more conversation about marriage.

And, of course, since we can’t sit next to each other and keep our hands to ourselves, there was more sex. He climaxed.

At 12:30, he went out to grab a slice of pizza and go to the grocery store to pick up chamomile tea. I went to bed. He didn’t come to bed until 2:30. I was mildly annoyed… but mainly only because I couldn’t fall asleep.

We snuggled this morning, then had incredible sex before I left for work. When I got up I saw that he had brought me flowers while he was out last night and placed them in a vase on my dining room table. More sunflowers. Aww.

He was still asleep when I gave him sweet goodbye kisses and nuzzles. I told him I’d still like to go to the concert with him if I can rearrange my schedule. He said his brother might also want to go but since the band is playing on Friday night, too, he’d let his brother choose the night. I told him to let me know which night as soon as possible.

Making the concert happen means I’ll have to rearrange nights with Hayden. I don’t want to do that… but it does mean I’d get more time this week with Joaquin. And I think I need that; I think I need to see him more than 1x/week to see if there could be a relationship there.

There is definitely something there. Something significant and special. I adore him.

So, I’m free tonight. Normally I’d fill it with another date (Colombian Hottie had asked me out)… but I’m exhausted after just 4 hours of broken sleep last night. I plan to watch the presidential debate and masturbate. Not at the same time! Haha. Well, probably not. If I didn’t have a workout already scheduled, I’d probably also opt to drink myself to a comfortably buzzed state.