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No, this is not about “manscaping”. Haha. This about simplifying and reducing the number of men in my life. I thought I’d provide an update.

I’ve told a couple guys I’m in a relationship. Yes, I know I know… it’s an easy way out. But it’s not entirely untrue. Things with Hayden feel very intimate.

I told Seth I have a boyfriend and was no longer available to meet up. Shockingly, he seemed to take the news pretty hard. He kept asking questions like, “Does he give you butterflies?” and “Is he a good guy?” and then eventually realized it was a done deal, wished me well, and asked me to let him know when I’m single again.

A guy from my distant past who I went out with once back in fall 2014 contacted me again recently through Facebook. We had a fun coffee date but I wasn’t attracted to him. When he kept pushing for a second date and even tried making plans with me for New Year’s Eve, I had to break the news to him that I didn’t feel a connection. He was stunned and bewildered. We lost touch until recently. Via Facebook, he told me that he’d love to get together and catch up. I thought that was odd (what did we have to catch up on??) but told him I was up for it. Why not?! Then he basically made it clear that he was looking for something casual. Um, no. Especially no because I wasn’t attracted to him. And with that, I told him I wasn’t interested. He said, “Let me know if you change your mind.” Haha. Good one.

Luxe most recently asked to see me again “if I was still interested”. I told him I was interested in seeing where things go with him, but that I was not interested in no-strings-attached sex. And guess what? I have yet to receive a reply 2 weeks later. Haha. Typical.

I canceled my date with Colombian Hottie on Tuesday night. I was exhausted and just couldn’t do it. I just wanted to be still like vegetables, lay like broccoli. I didn’t want to navigate through potential sexpectations. Instead, I chatted on the phone with Hayden for 2 hours while lying in bed with the covers pulled up around my neck.

I have a phone call scheduled with Racer X during my lunch break. We haven’t talked in about a month due to his business travel schedule but we still exchange frequent emails. He knows about both Joaquin and Hayden. Way back, when I told him about breaking up with Texas, he said he was relieved. I asked him why and he told me it was because he didn’t think Texas treated me right. Awww.

I saw Hayden last night and it was incredible, as always. We had dinner at my neighborhood microbrewery, watched the World Series, cuddled extensively, and had fantastic sex. I am on cloud 9. We’re going to see each other again tomorrow night.

Tonight: Sunset hike with Joaquin. I can’t wait to see him!