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The hike last night with Joaquin was fabulous. We were rewarded with a stunning sunset. Proof:


How ridiculous is that?!

We met at Battery Godfrey next to the Golden Gate Bridge. Joaquin was actually early for once… and I, ironically, was the one running late! I felt bad but he was unfazed, saying it was no big deal. I responded, “Of course it’s a big deal! The point was to watch the sunset. The sunset doesn’t wait. Fuck!” Fortunately, I didn’t ruin the whole thing and we were able to hike down past Battery Godfrey, settle ourselves on top of the iceplant on a cliff above the ocean, and watch the sky turn from gloomy gray to brilliant orange, pink, and scarlet… to eventual darkness.

It was even unusually warm. Usually it would be foggy, windy, cold, and miserable.

I picked up tacos on the way home while he picked up sparkling water and candy from a deli. We met back at my house. During dinner, he told me he had bad news: He had to go back out and pick up a prescription at a pharmacy. He told me he’d hurry.

I started a Netflix documentary (Amanda Knox). One hour later he still hadn’t returned and I started to worry, but figured he was dealing with pharmacy issues. I soon got a text saying his car was broken into… the window shattered and his backpack containing his laptop, iPad, and medications stolen. Medications he needed ASAP and all his bar exam prep work were gone. He was getting a police report and dealing with insurance. I felt horrible for him.

He didn’t return to my place until 11.

We watched some of Beyond the Candelabra then had awesome sex. He left to go home afterward since he didn’t want to leave his car parked on my street with a smashed window. My neighborhood is very safe but I didn’t want to convince him to leave it in the off-chance something happened. Better safe than sorry.

Tonight I’ll be taking care of business: laundry and workout, then finishing the Netflix documentary I didn’t get to finish last night. I was supposed to see Hayden but I have a Saturday morning hair appointment (translation: we wouldn’t be able to sleep in and lounge around) so we opted to get together on Saturday afternoon and evening instead.

Happy Friday!