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… from a fabulous weekend with Hayden.

Hayden arrived at my place at 3 pm Saturday after I returned from my cut & color appointment. We hung out, got busy, napped, drank, watched TV, got busy, had dinner delivered (Hayden’s treat – aww), and got busy. The sex just gets better and better.

We watched Bad Moms and another movie that I don’t recall the name of because I fell asleep soon after it started. The beer, wine, and Sambuca had knocked me out. Hayden said I was sleep-talking random craziness throughout the movie. A couple times Hayden said, “Let me put you to bed, Baby” and I told him no because I didn’t want to deal with washing my face and brushing my teeth.

Eventually, he won. He sweetly guided me into the bedroom and tucked me in. I think it was only 11:30. He stayed up an hour or so longer to watch more TV, claiming he wasn’t yet tired.

He came to bed around 1:30, and I woke up to groggily brush my teeth and wash my face before crashing into bed again. We slept intertwined.

Hayden was so snuggly that it was hard to pry myself out of bed the next morning. We had plans to go hiking on my favorite trail from Mt. Tam to Stinson Beach and back. I made pancakes, bacon, and coffee for breakfast before we hit the road.

It was so nice spending the day with him. We talked about everything and nothing… from futuristic sentient robot technology to his childhood cat. Hayden bought us burgers and milkshakes in Stinson Beach before hitting the trail back.

We held hands on the hike whenever the trail was wide enough. We took photos of ourselves on the trail and at the beach. We make a cute couple.

We felt like a couple.

He left to go home soon after we returned to my place. I was sad to see him go, but I’ll see him again tomorrow night. We’re going to watch election night coverage.

I originally scheduled a first date for tomorrow night that I’m going to have to cancel. Yes, I’ll be canceling rather than rescheduling. I feel like a first date at this point in time would be inappropriate, especially after having such an awesome weekend with Hayden.

I’m going to put first dates on hold for now.