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I forgot to mention in my last post that Adonis contacted me again out of the blue last Friday evening. I had just finished a couple happy hour cocktails with a coworker when I received a text from an unfamiliar number.

Him: Drinks?

Me: Uh… who is this?

Him: Adonis tinder new number

Me: Fuck. Again?? LOL

Me: I just finished happy hour with a coworker in Oakland. Come have a drink with me

Him: Haha possibly

Me: You still have a gf??

Him: Of course

Me: Why are you asking me to drinks then??

Him: lol I dunno

Me: You crazy

Him: Keep it PG of course

Me: Well, I’m leaving in 15 minutes so stop by if you can

Him: I don’t think I can make it there in time. SF later?

Me: Maybe. Let’s play it by ear

I knew he wouldn’t be up for coming out to SF late on a Friday night, especially without his girlfriend. Plus, I was kinda hoping for a relaxed buzzed evening to myself. Just as expected, he checked in later at 11 pm to say we’d have to get together another time. I’m actually surprised he let me know so late when it was obvious it wasn’t going to happen.

Most of all, I’m touched that he wants to keep in touch. It’s proof that we really did have a connection. It wasn’t just my imagination.

In other news, I have officially deleted my Bumble account. Only OK Cupid is left… and I will be closing that soon as well. It feels good to unhook myself from The Matrix.