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I’m going on a first date next week. I said I wouldn’t… but this dude seems extremely promising. He’s an adorable 31 year old ER tech who likes to cook (hell yeah!). We’ve had a great few message exchanges. For one, he suggested meeting up ASAP – before the apocalypse – and totally appealed to my raw post-election emotions yesterday.

Plus, he’s a 95% OK Cupid match!

However, I will be shutting down my OK Cupid account later today. It’s distracting me from focusing on the great guys already in my life and I find it frustrating sorting through messages from guys I’m not interested in.

I received a text message from Surfer Dude yesterday. He wants to get together again. I was honest with him and told him I was a little put off by our last meeting, that I was used to more affection and he didn’t seem into it. He explained that he’s not an affectionate person and apologized. It was clear he was only looking for a no-strings-attached sexual relationship… something I have no interest in.

I told him about Hayden and that while we’re not exclusive yet, I didn’t feel comfortable starting a sexual relationship with him only to abruptly end it. He understood.

I saw Hayden Tuesday night. We had pizza delivered and drank heavily while watching the presidential election coverage. We were shell-shocked, horrified, and spent most of the evening in silence. It was such a bizarre experience.

I cried a lot yesterday; I cried this morning.

I saw Joaquin last night. We went out for Mexican food then went grocery shopping together (he insists on a fresh bottle of milk for his morning coffee). We talked politics and parenting. Although he’s not a parent, I deeply admire his parenting opinions. They’re respectful, thoughtful, realistic, and reasonable.

He stayed up way too late last night but at least he got up with me this morning. It was sweet snuggling in the kitchen drinking coffee together before I had to leave for work.

Although we didn’t discuss it, I am prepared to tell him I won’t be able to see him sexually if/when Hayden and I become exclusive. I love spending time with him and expect to continue a friendship with him no matter what.

If I hit it off with newbie and he shows great potential, I’ll have to continue keeping everything status quo while I reassess.