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I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I was freaking out a little yesterday knowing I was going to see Hayden and wondering if we were going to have The Talk. My friend, Lola, implored me to hold off on saying any I love yous. She said, “Wait until after you meet Mr. 95%. You can hold off a few more days.”

Good advice.

Turns out Hayden and I didn’t have any time to talk in private last night, anyway. We were either with the kids, having sex, or asleep.

A chat with Hayden tomorrow night is a possibility since I won’t have the kids… but I still think Lola’s advice is reasonable. I need to see what Mr. 95% is all about first. Of course, if Hayden brings it up I’m going to go all in and spill my guts… then cancel my date with Mr. 95%.

Joaquin responded to my text. We’re on for tonight. A chat might be in order with him, as well.

I am so not good with intimate conversations. I get nervous and scared and stumble over my words. I am dreading these conversations. *sigh*