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Last night with Hayden was awesome. We enjoyed pizza & beer and played Pictionary and Jenga with my kids. After sending the kids to bed, we tried to watch TV but didn’t even make it 10 minutes into Walking Dead before retreating to the bedroom. We passed out immediately afterward while snuggling.

I awoke with a start after 1 am and got up to take off my makeup, brush my teeth, and turn off the lights.

We’re seeing each other again tomorrow night. Wednesday night. Wednesday is my standing date night with Joaquin but I had already decided that if Hayden proposed getting together on Wednesday, I would say yes and reschedule with Joaquin.

Hayden obviously has priority.

I’m so relieved Hayden suggested Wednesday night. I would have had to decline seeing him on Thursday because I have a 1st date scheduled with Mr. 95% and rescheduling with him would be difficult due to his work schedule.

I sent a text to Joaquin this morning asking him if tonight worked for him. If not, next time I would be available is either Friday night or Saturday night. I’ll let him stew on that. I’m over keeping a standing weekly spot open for him when he doesn’t communicate between dates. It is definitely impacting my feelings for him.

I mean, I get it. His actions are speaking loud & clear.

Hopefully, tonight works out for Joaquin. Tomorrow night I’ll see Hayden again and Thursday night is the 1st date with Mr. 95%. Then hopefully I’ll be seeing Hayden again at least one night this weekend.

Here’s a funny tidbit regarding Mr. 95%: Last night he sent me a text by mistake. It said, “Hey it was really great meeting you today. Enjoy your week!” He realized his mistake a half-hour later and sent an apology text. I thought it was hilarious and this morning jokingly replied, “No worries! Hope it was a great date.” No response yet. Poor guy is probably mortified. I would be!

I heard from Harry/Cary yesterday. First time in 6 weeks. He said he was in Golden Gate Park over the weekend and thought of me. Sweet. No mention of getting together, which is just as well.