Tonight I’m cooking a fancy dinner for Hayden for the first time… our own mini Thanksgiving feast. I’m serving bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, sweet potato casserole, kale salad, and French white wine. For dessert I’m baking chocolate chunk peanut butter cookies.

If I’m feeling brave and in the mood I might even bring up our status and see what happens. He did, however, refer to me as his girlfriend again on Wednesday night so maybe things are already settled in his mind. Haha.

And yesterday he made a comment via text that when he sees me tonight, it will be the first time we’ve seen each other every day for a whole week. Aww!

We also discussed possibly taking a vacation together again on Wednesday night. He asked what I had in mind and I said, “Somewhere warm. Los Cabos would be ideal.” However, given that he likely won’t be able to get a passport by then, we’ll have to stay domestic. I suggested the Florida Keys or New Orleans. He chose New Orleans.

I don’t think New Orleans in December will be warm… but it will probably be warmer than it is here.

Sometimes I wonder if he simply says he’s interested in a vacation because he wants to appease me. Time will tell. He’s been at his current job 2 years now and hasn’t yet taken a single vacation. In fact, he told me he got a call from HR last week telling him his vacation time has capped and he needs to use it or lose it. I think he’s crazy. I told him he should never “lose” vacation time.

If we go to New Orleans, it would be during his office’s mandatory holiday shut-down, anyway. He still wouldn’t have to use any vacation time.

I asked him why he hasn’t used any of his vacation time. He said he’s never had a strong desire to travel (yes, he’s definitely crazy!) and that he worries the office would fall apart without him. Dude needs to lighten up.

4-1/2 hours until I see him. Cannot wait!