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Last night Hayden invited me to attend his company holiday party with him. Sweet, yes?

It’s this Friday. I have my kids this weekend.

He acknowledged that it was late notice and he would understand if I couldn’t go. Um, dude, it’s 3 days from now! I don’t know what he was thinking. Granted, he said 1) He didn’t want to go in the first place, and 2) He is on the party planning committee so he wasn’t sure if he’d have to help out with planning at the event.

He said it would be nice if I could go, though, because then he could forget about all his coworkers and drink with me.

Of course I want to go. Even if he is pulled away occasionally.

I told him I’d check availability with Mars but otherwise would not be able to spend 100+ bucks for a sitter… and then scramble to find said sitter. He understood.

I checked with Mars. He has plans on Friday night and can’t take the kids. Fuck.

Hayden will have to attend his holiday party without me.

I’m disappointed and bewildered.