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Is it just me or have you noticed that every relationship has its own distinct personality? Maybe I finally made this connection only because my current relationship with Hayden and my last relationship with Tex are so different from each other.

My relationship with Tex had a passionate and tumultuous personality. It was electric, explosive, and emotional…like a toddler, always pushing the boundaries.

My relationship with Hayden has a sweet and tender personality. Calm, quiet, and angelic…like a sleepy newborn.

Yesterday morning, while Hayden and I were nuzzling in bed, I told him that I couldn’t imagine ever arguing with him. I asked him if he’d ever yelled while in an argument with a girlfriend. He said no.

He asked me if I had. I said yes, only once, and it was during my breakup with Tex. I was so angry I was shaking. I yelled. I was bewildered, shocked, and aghast. Tex had wanted me to apologize for my feelings. By telling him I was missing my kids, I had “ruined his weekend”. OH HELL NO. I lost my mind a little.

It’s the only time I’ve ever yelled at a partner. Mars and I never even yelled. Our arguments were almost always tense discussions with undercurrents of sadness and disappointment.

Hayden stayed the entire weekend. It was awesome! We spent a few hours at the Academy of Sciences and ate out a couple times but mostly stayed inside all bundled up and tangled together during the weekend cold snap. Lots of sex and cuddles.

We’re exchanging our Christmas gifts on Friday night before we both leave town to visit family.

In other news, my guitar fingers are past the point of painful and are now numb. The new guitar still hasn’t arrived. In fact, it’s still back-ordered. *grumble*

I am ecstatic to report that I am now very close to doing my first pull-up. I have been training 3x/week post workouts since August. I read lots of articles on how to do them and was mainly working on grip strength the first two months. As of last night, I can now pull myself up halfway. Almost there… finally!

The new sexy arm & shoulder muscles are a nice bonus.

Tomorrow is Joaquin’s birthday. I plan to send him a birthday text. I am feeling much better about things with him. I was chatting with Mars last week about the Joaquin fall-out and he said, “You know, this dude didn’t care that much if he wasn’t stepping up to see you more than once/week after 2-3 months.” He has a good point.

I still think of Joaquin every time I see a charcoal gray Mazda like his. Unfortunately, I see a lot of them.