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I sent Joaquin a short and sweet text yesterday morning wishing him a happy birthday. I also told him that I hoped he was doing well and that I miss him.

I have yet to receive a response.

I am hurt, yes, but I’m still hoping there’s a good explanation. After all, what kind of a person receives a happy birthday message and doesn’t respond? Maybe he’s on vacation? Maybe he’s too focused on the bar?

My worst imagined explanation is that he blocked my number and didn’t even get the message. Then again, him seeing it and ignoring it might be even worse…..

I have to remind myself that I didn’t send it to get a response. I simply sent it because I wanted him to know I was thinking of him on his birthday. I have to remember that.

Hayden was gifted a turkey at work and brought it over to my house last week. I was intimated by it; I’d never roasted a turkey before. The good news is that I found an easy recipe… and successfully roasted the 11 lb beast to perfection 3 nights ago. It was awesome: succulent, juicy, and tender. The only mistake I made was not opening the package in the sink. Several cups of bloody turkey juice spilled all over my countertop, oozed into my lower cupboards, and ran all over the floor. It was chaos.

But all’s well that ends well.

I must say, though, that after 2 days of eating turkey for both breakfast and dinner, I am now completely turkeyed out.

Hayden and I plan to do some holiday shopping tonight. I am dreading the shopping bit but am ecstatic to be doing it with him. I don’t do well in malls and with crowds so this might test our relationship. I hope we survive.

Before venturing to the mall, I’ll be serving him turkey for dinner. I’ll most likely be eating something else.