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Hayden and I were reunited last night for the first time since Christmas Eve morning. It was entirely too long. I couldn’t wait to see him.

As expected, text communications lagged dramatically during the time we were apart. I wasn’t happy with it – and didn’t feel very connected with him – but I was busy with family stuff so I wasn’t too bent out of shape. I’m trying to keep my emotions in check about petty texting behaviors and think I’ve been doing pretty well if I do say so myself. I knew that all would be well once I saw him again.

And it was.

Hayden and I ordered dinner delivery, drank lager and New Zealand sauvignon blanc, watched a documentary about Scientology, snuggled, and had lots of sex. We discussed plans for New Year’s Eve.

Later, I told him I was disappointed that our communications lag so much when we’re apart, that I always want to hear from him and like getting messages from him. He said he was feeling the same way. Really?! I asked him to explain. He said, “On Christmas Day, I sent you a text asking how your day was going and didn’t hear back from you until late the next day.”

What what?! I told him I always responded to his messages. He showed me his phone and pointed out the Christmas Day text. And I showed him my phone, which showed my response to that text.

He never received my response!

I was bewildered. This has happened to me several times before, sometimes with very important texts.

What causes this?! It makes me wonder what messages I’m not receiving and what messages I send that aren’t being received. It’s irritating for sure.

I apologized to Hayden. I told him I was sad he thought I simply didn’t bother responding to his message. He said it was fine, especially now that he knows I did actually send a response and he just didn’t receive it.

I’m really glad I brought it up. I could have easily swept it under the rug thinking I was being overly sensitive. It’s great to know that he feels the same way and that he, too, wasn’t happy with our texting frequency.

This morning we took transit part of the way together as I headed to work and he headed home.

I’ll be seeing him again tomorrow night for the holiday weekend. I’m looking forward to more intensive cuddles.

I received a surprise text from The Blond Mandarin on Christmas Day wishing me a Merry Christmas. We had a short, friendly exchange. Truth or Dare sent me a Merry Christmas greeting via Facebook. I am touched they were thinking of me.

One of my coworkers is separating from her husband and has been asking me for advice. We meet for coffee once/week to commiserate. Her separation is very similar to mine: mid 40s, amicable, sexless, 2 kids. And, like I was right after separating, she’s eager to fuck.

In the past month, we’ve become very close. She says my advice and experience are invaluable… and it makes me wish I had someone to confide in when I was going through it myself. There was no one I could talk to at the time.

I’ve been giving her advice on separation and divorce, finances, dating, and even how to maneuver through the emotional turmoil.

We’re going to start going out on the town together. The thought of having another local girlfriend to go out with thrills me more than I’d like to admit.