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I was contacted by yet another ghost from my past last night via Facebook Messenger. He said, “Hey, remember me?” Uhh. I had to think hard. His Facebook profile pic was of his daughter and I never knew his last name.

I had just one date with this dude over 2 years ago. We hit it off immediately, but he lived in the south bay and had a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with his wife. In the end, I told him that I didn’t see how a long-ish-distance relationship would work and that I was uncomfortable with his marital status, especially after he told me that he and his wife were going to start counseling to work on their marriage. He still wanted to date. What?! I told him I didn’t understand how he thought that would work. If he really wanted to make his marriage work, he needed to focus on that.

I replied, “I think I remember you. Tinder or OKC?”

Him: Tinder

Me: Oh yes, hi V. How are you??

He said he’s doing great and is heading to Tahoe for New Year’s Eve. I asked him about his marital status. He said it’s “off & on”… whatever that means. I of course assume it means he’s still with his wife.

Interestingly, he said that my name popped up on his Facebook as someone he may know. I find that odd at this late point in time but it must mean I’m still a contact in his phone….?

I told him that I’m in a new relationship. He asked how serious it is, which I found bizarre. What kind of a question is that?! I told him that we’ve been exclusive since last month and dating since August.

He replied, “I’m happy for you. I hope he’s The One.”

I laughed. I told him that I no longer believe in The One.

His response made me laugh even harder. He replied, “Smart!”

And that was that. Nothing more from him since.

In other news, my new guitar arrived and is awesome. It’s pretty, sounds great, and is gentle on my fingers. I opted out of an amp and was pleased to find that the Vox plug that Rob sent me works brilliantly in place of an amp. Thanks again, Rob!