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There are two artifacts in my house that remind me of Joaquin. The first is the small bottle of milk in the fridge that he brought over the last night we saw each other. He had brought it for his morning coffee… only there was no morning coffee.

It’s still in my fridge. Unopened and untouched since that fateful late November evening.

I know I should trash it.

The other artifact is the large coffee mug he’d always use for his coffee and tea. I had received it as a gift and had never used it. It’s too large to fit in my microwave. Joaquin used it because he enjoyed drinking large quantities of chamomile tea at night and coffee in the morning.

I had to use the large mug a couple days ago because, due to being sick and drinking gallons of hot tea, the rest of my mugs were dirty. I used it and wistfully thought of Joaquin.

My coworker, Jill – the one I mentioned here who’s in the early stages of separation from her husband – gave me feedback on a draft text I was going to send to Joaquin. Thank goodness I asked for her feedback because she said it did sound a little confrontational. Knowing he’s a recovering addict, she suggested a gentler approach. I’m going to rethink my words.

Speaking of Jill, her husband is now supposedly newly “in love” with a woman he’s known two weeks. After deciding to separate one month ago. I am stunned, but I suppose I’m not surprised. I now have an idea for an article titled, “How Divorce Makes You Crazy in the Head.” All us divorcees can relate. Raw emotions and years of unmet needs make us a little off-kilter emotionally. We all react differently.

Things with Hayden are going amazingly well. Time spent with him is blissful.

Last night, he met me at my allergist’s office and kept me company while I waited to be released after injections. We headed to my favorite Mexican restaurant in San Francisco, which is near my allergist’s office. Chips & salsa, margaritas, quesadillas, and enchiladas – yum!

On our way home, I stroked his rigid bare cock in the car with one hand while maneuvering the car with the other. We quickly parked the car and quite literally ran into my house to tear off each other’s clothes and enjoy each other until Mars arrived with the kids 20 minutes later.

We played Clue with the kids then watched an episode of Lovesick after they were in bed. Then, more sex last night and this morning. For the love of all things that are holy, I cannot get enough of him.

Hayden is coming over again tonight after work. I’ve had a very sick little girl at home today so we’ll stay in and eat hotdogs and chocolate mochi balls, play Clue, and watch television. I cannot wait.