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This past weekend was the first weekend Hayden and I had agreed to spend more time together. It was nice.

We had pizza delivered then watched Gravity on Friday night. We’d both seen it before. The kids had even seen it before so they opted out.

On Saturday, we ran some errands together and went out for lunch before dropping my son off at a sleepover with his best friend. My daughter, Hayden, and I then took transit downtown to attend the San Francisco Women’s Candlelight March. We were prepared with battery-operated candles and rain gear.

Getting down there and back was miraculously easy despite the crowds. It poured the entire time so we cut the march short a third of the way into it because my daughter’s feet were soaked, my feet were soaked (despite wearing boots!), and I was coming to the horrific realization that my rain jacket wasn’t actually waterproof. WTF?!


Civic Center – waiting in the rain for the march to begin

Side note: The March was incredible! Everyone was in great spirits and very positive. Tons of smiles. My daughter even kept saying repeatedly afterward, “Today was so much fun!”

We were home by 8 pm. My daughter took a hot bath while I peeled off wet socks and layer after layer of wet clothing. I was freezing and couldn’t get warm.

We all sat on the couch afterward watching TV, then Hayden announced around 9 pm that he was going to head home that night rather than wait until the next morning. That was surprising but fine with me – I could now work out and take a hot bath myself before heading to bed early.

Yesterday, the kids and I met friends for brunch then spent the remainder of the rainy day inside at home being lazy. I love lazy rainy days.

I have dinner plans scheduled with Colombian Hottie later this week. It will be our first time meeting platonically with sex & romance off the table. I haven’t seen him since September. It will be good to catch up with him and hear about his recent travels.