I am disturbed by approximately 95% of the photos of myself I’ve seen over the past 2 months. I honestly look obese. I’m not saying that to be dramatic. It’s true.

It’s especially concerning because I am currently the fittest I’ve been in my adult life and also possibly the thinnest I’ve been since becoming a mom. I am a strong and healthy size 6.

I think I look great in the mirror. I am lean and have some visible muscle definition.

Photos, on the other hand, are a different matter entirely. I have big fleshy upper arms. I have a giant roll around my middle.

It makes me feel down about myself. I have been active my entire life and have been involved in some fitness obsession or another since age 16. I eat healthy and limit sugar most of the time. I even gave up Diet Coke last June. Additionally, my doctors are always impressed with my blood serum levels and my low blood pressure.

So why do I look like I live a sedentary lifestyle and eat nonstop junk food in photos?

My friend Jill said it’s body dysmorphia. I completely disagree. I see a fit body in the mirror, just not in photos. And I don’t obsess about it; I’m just utterly disappointed, disgusted, and perplexed whenever I see photos.

What is going on here? Bad angles? Unflattering clothing? Poor posture? Or am I just completely disillusioned and really do look like the photos?