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I was late to work this morning because I stayed up too late sexting with tonight’s Bumble date. Oops.

Before you get the wrong impression (ha!), let me explain. We were texting for 2 hours before the topic subtly and gradually turned risque. We went with it.

I like this dude. We certainly have written word chemistry. I hope there’s in-person chemistry. Spending a lot of time getting to know someone before meeting is risky. It’s one of my general rules but I ignored it this time. We were hitting it off.

This guy is 34 and works in food advertising. As a result, he’s a food snob. He’s very particular about food & beverage venues and insisted on choosing tonight’s craft beer bar. It’s refreshing. I was happy to sit back and let him plan the evening.

I have a video chat scheduled with another Bumble prospect tonight before my date. He’s an adorable 33 year old divorced high school science teacher from England. Incidentally, he teaches at the one tiny private k-12 school that Mars and I seriously considered for our son several years ago when he was entering kindergarten.

I had a date scheduled last night but canceled when he sent me rude texts asking for photos of me in a bathing suit or lingerie. WTF. I ignored the texts. Today he sent me a message thru OK Cupid with a link to a YouTube video and said, “This is why online dating freaks me out.”

This is the video: Fat Girl Tinder Date (Social Experiment)

I was offended. It’s obvious he thinks I may be fat despite recent photos in my profile showing otherwise. I don’t even know how to respond.

I understand his trepidation but c’mon, dude! Grow up. I once had a Tinder date with a guy who hid his obesity in photos. It was disappointing, sure, but the world didn’t end and we ended up having a nice date.

I certainly don’t condone deliberately withholding information from an online dating profile. It’s upsetting and just not nice. But it is a risk you take when online dating.

I certainly don’t need to prove my physical fitness to him.

My dance card is filling up fast. I have a date tomorrow night, too. This guy is 42, divorced, has a preteen daughter, and lives in Marin. We’re going to a museum nightlife event. I don’t know much about him at all so it will be nice to get to know each other as we check out the exhibits over food & cocktails.

Yesterday afternoon Colombian Hottie tried to set up a date for last night. I told him not to count on it – I was emotionally exhausted – but that I’d re-assess once I got home. I told him that we should just plan to see each other on weekends since he gets home from the south bay so late. He told me that he’d be back in San Francisco at 8:30. Hmm. I considered it… but knew I ultimately wouldn’t be able to handle having late night dates 3 nights in a row. I told him we should see each other this weekend instead. We’ll see if he follows through.

The Blond Mandarin and I have been rekindling a friendship since our coffee date a couple weeks ago. He does seem to have matured over the past 2 years. It’s highly possible he’ll be offered a job in Seattle by the end of next week – surprisingly, I’m feeling a little bittersweet about it.