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As you can probably guess from the title, things got heated last night on my date.

Name: Phil (he’s from Philadelphia)

Met on: Bumble

34 years old, works in food advertising, never married, no kids

We decided to meet at a beer bar in his neighborhood at 7 pm. I decided to drive rather than catch an Uber. Big mistake.

Parking was nonexistent. I circled the neighborhood for 20 minutes without finding anything. I texted him to inform him of my parking woes. He made fun of me. He said, “You’re not supposed to drive to Nob Hill at night! People park their cars by 6 and then deliberately do not move them again.” Well, fuck, I wish I’d known that! I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been to Nob Hill at night.

Finally, I told him that I could just come pick him up outside the bar and we’d revisit our plans. He suggested rescheduling but I wouldn’t hear of it. I told him rescheduling would mean delaying for 2 weeks. Plus, I had earmarked the evening for him… and I had already driven across town…so of course we should follow through and make something else work.

He agreed to meet me outside.

I was underwhelmed when he got in the car. He’s not classically handsome but I was drawn to his Bumble profile regardless.

He directed me to turn down streets that might yield more parking. We eventually found a space. It’s a miracle. And, serendipitously, it was only one block from his house!

We headed to a wine bar another block away and spent the next 2-1/2 hours talking while sipping beer & wine and sharing a meat/cheese/olive plate. He talked a lot about his job – typical for early 30-somethings. He tooted his own horn a lot, too. He’s arrogant… a quality I don’t like. But, with him, I suspected it might be covering up insecurity and low self-esteem.

He has gorgeous piercing eyes. Sometimes he’d just stare at me intently during lulls in conversation. It was hot as hell.

I asked him about his dating and relationship past. Yes, I know you’re not supposed to do that on a first date but I was being nosy. I got the impression he was inexperienced with relationships; I was right. His longest relationship last 1 year and happened 10 years ago. And he hadn’t been in a relationship since coming to San Francisco 3 years ago.

Shockingly, he insisted on paying the bill. This almost never happens! I imagine the bill was quite steep, too, at this overpriced wine bar. (The combo plate we shared was $21; wine by the glass was $11-15, etc.)

We walked back to my car with our arms around each other. He suggested picking up some beer and going back to his place for a night cap. I agreed.

At the corner liquor store, I bought a 4-pack of Belgian white.

Back at his place, we hadn’t even taken 4 sips from our beers before we were all over each other. We kissed slowly and softly, he undressed me, then guided me to his bed. His fingers were inside me and his mouth was on me. I lost myself loudly while climaxing repeatedly. I sucked him – he prefers hands-free – before climbing on top of him and riding him. His bed creaked in protest. I orgasmed some more.

When my knees couldn’t take it anymore, I demanded that he climb on top of me. Instead, he asked me turn over while he took me from behind. He came soon after that.

We nuzzled for several minutes before I told him I had to go. It was past midnight at this point. I told him to stay warm & dry in bed rather than walking me back to my car. He appreciated that.

When I was almost home, I song came up on my Spotify list that reminded me of Hayden. I sobbed. I miss him so much.

It was certainly a roller coaster of a night.

Before my date with Phil, I had a video chat with the science teacher from England. Holy hell, he’s adorable! Sweet, too. We have plans to see each other on Sunday.

I’m not sure what’s up with tonight’s date. Last I’d heard a couple days ago, he was going to purchase tickets to the museum event. I responded, telling him I could meet him at 6:30, and haven’t heard a peep since. I’m not sure what to expect at this point but, honestly, would be fine rescheduling if it comes down to that. I still have the headache I woke up with; proof that sharing the antipasto plate was not a satisfactory substitute for dinner when also drinking 2 glasses of wine and a beer. I would welcome a quiet evening to myself.