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**I tried posting this yesterday from my elderly laptop but it just wasn’t having it. Constant freezing!

I recently came to the realization that I won’t have a date on Valentine’s Day despite it being one of 2 nights this week I’ll be kid-free. Scheduling a first date on Valentine’s Day is a social faux pas. Wouldn’t that be awkward, especially if you don’t hit it off with the person? But maybe I’m overthinking.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m going to romance myself. This is what I have planned:

  • Present myself with chocolates & flowers. I will get to hand-pick them so of course I’ll get exactly what I want. No shitty Russell Stover for me. I’m getting Godiva. And I’ll opt for a cheery mixed flower bouquet rather than red or pink roses.
  • Take myself to the movie theater. Actual movie still TBD. I may even splurge on buttery popcorn or an Icee.
  • My gift: New clothing. As a Valentine’s gift to myself, I scheduled my first Stitch Fix in over a year. Stitch Fix waived my $20 styling fee so I didn’t have anything to lose. I am excited about freshening up my wardrobe. I’ll be getting my items next week.
  • Grand finale: Climaxing with my vibrator before dozing off into sweet slumber.

Hell, I may even propose.

I am excited!

The best part about being single on Valentine’s Day is that I won’t be disappointed. (Tex and I went out of town last year for for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway and he spent most of the weekend giving me the silent treatment – it was bullshit and I was furious.)

I thought I’d share these articles about being single on Valentine’s Day and/or tips for romancing yourself:


How will you be spending Valentine’s Day?