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A similar post, written nearly 2 years ago, can be found here: Tips for Men: How to Make Your Online Dating Profile More Appealing to Women.

Now that I am dating again and on 3 different dating sites/apps (Bumble, OK Cupid, and Clover), I see hundreds of profiles per day. Considering that most profiles include at least 2 photos, I see a lot of photos.

I’m looking at guys between 30 and 50 years old. My experience in looking at profile photos has clearly illustrated that people age at different rates. However, that said, it is obvious when someone is lying about their age. Like the 39 year old who looks 20… or the 43 year old who looks 65. We’re onto you.

I continue to be shocked and repulsed by the photos most men are choosing to include in their profiles, for example:

  • I don’t want to see your bathroom selfie, especially one taken into a dirty mirror
  • I don’t want to see your gym selfie
  • I don’t want to see your face taken from the same angle 8 times with the same expression and in the same lighting
  • I don’t want to see your many silly faces
  • Would it kill you to smile?!

Men, are the photos in women’s profiles this clumsy?

Thank goodness photos with tigers don’t seem to be the rage anymore.

I swipe left on approximately 98% of the profiles I see. I look for someone who looks happy, who looks fit and healthy, who isn’t too thin or thick (someone who’s “just right” according to this Baby Bear), and who has a professional job. A killer smile with dimples, nice teeth, and kind eyes almost always win my heart. Bonus if they wear dark-framed nerd glasses. Race is unimportant. Generally speaking, I shy away from baldies, beards, long hair, 2 pierced ears, and lots of tattoos.

I like to see a close-up photo of his smiling face (preferably showing his teeth), a full-body photo, and at least one photo of him with friends or family. Big bonus if there’s a pic of him with his mom or sister(s).

I am relieved tomorrow night’s Bumble date contacted me and told me that, yes, tomorrow night still works for him. Phew. I’m glad he refreshed my memory! He’s 32 and attended the same university I did so at least we have that in common. I don’t know much about him otherwise.

I’ve been exchanging lots of messages with a very promising OK Cupid guy since yesterday. He’s 48, a civil attorney, and a single dad to tween and teen boys. He’s cute and we have a lot of similar interests, including music and guitar. Even better, we have the same custody weekends – how serendipitous is that? He’s brand new to online dating and has admitted he’s out of the loop and doesn’t want to commit any online dating faux pas. Haha. I hope he asks me out soon! I’m considering slyly asking what he’s doing after work on Wednesday….