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I don’t typically like to schedule 2 dates in 1 day… but an opportunity to have lunch today with Attorney Guitar Dad presented itself and I jumped at the chance. (I have another first date scheduled later tonight at a wine bar.)

Name: Attorney Guitar Dad

Met on: OK Cupid

48 years old, civil litigation attorney, divorced, dad to 2 boys

Attorney Guitar Dad called me this morning at 10 to discuss lunch logistics. It was a good albeit brief conversation. I liked his voice and he didn’t have any conversation quirks.

Later, we had a lovely lunch near my office. We had easy, engaging conversation. He’s cute. He’s successful. We have similar interests. He wasn’t socially awkward other than seeming a little nervous at first. He immediately ordered a beer, which I suspected might have been to calm his nerves. He told me I was the first person he’s met since joining OK Cupid two weeks ago.

The beer worked. I could tell he was much more relaxed toward the end of our date.

He parked on the street near my office building so we both walked together to his car. We gave each other a hug and said our goodbyes. No kiss but, in hindsight, that may have been awkward after a workday lunch date anyway.

On the way to his car / my office, we ran into one of my male coworkers. Being that I was on a first date, I didn’t know if I should introduce them or not. I ultimately decided against it.

I like him. I plan to send him a thank you message (he picked up the lunch tab) later. And, obviously, I am crossing my fingers he asks me out again.

Hayden was a no-show for last night’s The Bachelor viewing. He didn’t text all week, either. And, wow, it was probably just as well. There were some topics that came up in the show that pulled at my heartstrings. I may have felt awkward had Hayden been there.

And, side note, but I was blown away to learn that 3 of the 4 finalists had already told Nick that they loved him… and that Nick was asking all 4 women’s fathers for permission to marry them… after only knowing each other for 6 weeks. Six weeks!

Late this morning, I texted Hayden, “We missed you last night. You’re welcome to join us next week but I’ll understand if you don’t want to.”

I don’t want to feel like I’m pulling teeth here. Was he coming over every week out of obligation to my kids or does he really want to watch The Bachelor with us? I wanted to make it clear that he shouldn’t feel obligated.

He replied, “Hi! Yes I’m sorry I just forgot like a dummy – I didn’t realize until just after 8 pm last night. Yes, I would be happy to come over next week.”

Hmm. He forgot. I am being way too sensitive here but he hadn’t texted all week and thanks to The Bachelor we only see each other once/week… and he forgot. It’s apparent he doesn’t think about me as much as I think about him. The reality of that sunk in.

I responded by telling him that he missed a doozie of an episode and that we’ll see him next week. Then I asked him how he’s doing. No response yet.

Tonight kicks off my 5 day kid-free stretch. I’ll be busy: I have a date tonight and Thursday night. I’ll be attending a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night. Tomorrow night and Friday night are currently unscheduled but subject to change… but I do want to enjoy one of those nights at home by myself.