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After my sweet lunch date with Attorney Guitar Dad yesterday, I sent him a short text thanking him again for lunch and for making the time to drive into town and meet me. I briefly told him how the rest of my day went and left it at that.

He responded similarly, i.e. he thanked me too and said his afternoon was nuts as well. That’s it.

Hmm. Was he going to ghost like that one 48 year old dude I met for lunch a couple years ago? And that other 48 year old guy I met for drinks about a year ago? I never heard from either dude again after our dates. Was this a late forties phenomenon?

I was intrigued by Attorney Guitar Dad and wanted to learn more. I realized that he reminded me a little of Joaquin (guitar-playing attorney)… but in 15 years. AGD is a mature, grown-up version of Joaquin!

Knowing that AGD was inexperienced with dating, I realized that I was going to have to step out of my comfort zone to let him know I was definitely interested just in case he had any doubts.

What I did next is very uncharacteristic of me. I laid it all on the line.

I texted him:

I’m just going to put this out there….

I’d like to see you again. I sensed chemistry and I thought we had enough common interests to understand each other / have fun together.

If you ask me out again, I’ll say yes.

Yes, very bold. But I had nothing to lose! And he might appreciate my honesty.

Well, he apparently did.

He replied:

It was definitely very comfortable with you and I enjoyed myself, although I think I got a little distracted part way through; like it was rushed. Remember, I’m new at this stuff! But apparently I didn’t do too badly, haha. You are sweet [if I had my phone I’d insert a blushing emoji here]. Let’s do something again, but not during work lunch! Let’s try to get something on the calendar. Tomorrow I have that concert, Thursday I have the kids. Maybe something this weekend?

And then almost immediately after, he sent another text:

How about this: Lauren, would you like to go out on a proper date on Friday?

I was so excited I nearly did a cartwheel. Yay, he was taking initiative!

After some joking back & forth, he asked me what time I get off work on Friday. When I told him, he said “Okay, good to know. Figuring out a plan.” I loved that he was taking the reigns and planning the evening.

I met last night’s date while floating on Cloud 9.

I was partly expecting my date to be a no-show. I found his texting behavior a little concerning, i.e. he wasn’t very responsive with texts. Was he going to remember our date? I had confirmed with him an hour prior to our scheduled meeting time. He responded back saying that he’d see me there.

If he didn’t show, I had already decided I’d stay and enjoy a glass of wine solo.

Name: Concord (his hometown)

Met on: Bumble

32 years old, tax accountant, never married, no kids

I walked into the wine bar on Market Street right on time at 8:30 and saw him sitting a 2-top table drinking a sauvignon blanc. I could tell that he was pleased with my appearance. And he was adorable: blond hair, big blue eyes, straight white teeth, cute smile. We gave each other a hug (damn, he was cut!) and I jokingly told him I’m glad he didn’t stand me up. I explained that his texting behavior made me wonder if he was serious about meeting… and then I told him my stand-up and catfishing stories. He said, “Ohhhh. That’s why you texted me just an hour ago to see if we were still meeting – I was confused by that” and laughed.

We spent the next 3 hours talking nonstop and sipping bubbly and sauv blanc.

We did not follow first date rules at all and talked extensively about politics and past relationships, as well as our parents, our siblings, music, where we’re from, and where we’ve lived. He was engaging and a great conversationalist. A couple times, he reached over and touched my hands.

We had so many shared interests it was uncanny. We both hate country music and cannot date anyone who enjoys it. He knows and loves the same quirky musicians I do. We are both Tim Ferriss fans… and he was shocked I knew about the high-tech nutritional powder Soylent.

We finally left the wine bar at 11:30. I was shocked that he insisted on paying the tab. He had 3 glasses of sauv blanc and a glass of bubbly; I had a glass of bubbly and a glass of sauv blanc. Not cheap! As soon as we walked out, he kissed me. We held hands while he walked me to my car. Once at the car, I asked him if he wanted a ride home; he agreed.

I parked in front of his apartment building. We kissed repeatedly. He was a fabulous kisser. He invited me inside. I said I’d love to, but shouldn’t. We kissed some more.

Soon I said fuck it and agreed to go inside.

Concord’s studio apartment was in disarray: there were piles of clothing and bits of paper on the floor. Maybe he simply needed storage solutions. Was he normally this messy or did he simply not have time to regularly clean and organize? (It is his busy time at work – he’s been working 12 hour days, including weekends.)

I put on a custom Spotify playlist and we started making out on his bed. We undressed. His cock, oh my god. Super thick and perfect.

I told him that I wouldn’t be able to fuck him because I’m on day 1 of my period (read: extremely heavy flow). He was disappointed. He told me, “I don’t mind if you don’t….” I told him of course I don’t mind but it will be really messy. I suggested a towel. That’s when he changed his tune. Haha. He said, “Let’s wait until next time.”

I gave him a blow job instead. He came hard; ejaculate spewed all over his abs. He asked me to climax as well, so I clumsily used my hand and lots of concentration to finally come. (My vibrator has spoiled me!)

I gave him another blow job but he said he was too spent to climax again. We laid side by side, nuzzling and kissing while my hand stroked his gorgeous cock, until 1 am.

I was home and in bed by 1:45. I am exhausted today.

I’m excited to see where it goes with both Concord and Attorney Guitar Dad. Two very promising first dates in one day have filled me with anticipation for what’s to come.