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I’m feeling strangely at peace. Calm and centered.

I texted AGD yesterday. Intuitively, I knew he wasn’t the type to ignore a text. I suspected that he either never received my message or I had never received his. (This has happened an alarmingly high number of times with friends, family, and ex-boyfriends.)

I had nothing to lose. He would either respond with an explanation or he would ignore. It was an easy choice.

I sent: Hey AGD. Are you ok?? I haven’t heard from you since Saturday morning despite sending you a text on Sunday. I hope all is well with you!

I actually chuckled out loud after I hit the send button, which confirmed it was the right decision.

I received a long-ish text 10 minutes later. He said he had sent a reply on Sunday. Ugh, not again! He was surprised I hadn’t received it. He also said I may have noticed that he suspended his OKC profile; he met up with his ex-girlfriend on Sunday to return each other’s belongings and instead talked and decided they were going to give it another chance. He said he had a lot of fun with me and really didn’t expect this development.

Womp womp. I was disappointed and marveled at the terrible timing of it. Really, he met up with his ex the day after our date?! Maybe he should have done that before he started dating….

In any event, I have no hard feelings. It happens. I did the same to Dude #5 when I got back together with Tex… and that was after 3 dates.

I responded back wishing him the best. I hope it works out for them – I remember him telling me on Friday night that their relationship didn’t work because he suspected they had a codependent relationship (they were friends before dating and went through their separations and divorces at the same time).

Shockingly, Hayden remembered to call last night. We chatted for 1 hour and 20 minutes – it was really nice. Nothing deep, just friendly and chatty.

31 year old guitarist guy I had a date with 4 weeks ago texted me on Tuesday insinuating sex. He said, “I want to please you sometime.” Oh hell no. That’s not going to happen now, buddy – you blew it. I asked him to explain just to see if I could be misunderstanding him. I wasn’t. He replied, “You know what it means. I’m just saying, no harm, right? I can see myself enjoying it. Only if you were as well. Haha.”

No. I didn’t respond.

Things are quiet on the dating front. I’m okay with it. It feels… refreshing.

I did download a 4th dating app yesterday and am impressed. It’s called Once. It’s similar to Coffee Meets Bagel in that you only get one match per day. Now, I haven’t used Coffee Meets Bagel so I can’t compare them, but I am digging Once so far.

Immediately after signing up, they asked me to rate dozens of photos so that they could determine “my type”. It seems to be a pretty complex algorithm; I’m not sure how they do it. After first, I was rating the guys at 1 or 2. Then, suddenly, they started offering guys that I was rating a 4 or 5. I couldn’t figure out how they were deciding what to offer. Could they see a pattern to the low ratings, i.e. lots of tattoos, long hair, earrings, smoking cigarettes? Could they see a pattern to the high ratings, i.e. gorgeous eyes, a nice smile, college educated, fit, outdoorsy and/or creative?

Were they accurately coming to a conclusion? Time will tell. My first match was yesterday but it was immediate and they didn’t have any of my “type” criteria ratings so it’s not completely accurate. Still, I was matched with a guy that I’m fairly interested in. We both “liked” each other and were connected to chat. I reached out to him this morning but have yet to hear back. Stay tuned.

I will be getting my daily match in 4 minutes – I’m excited to see what they offer with my type criteria in mind.

OK, I just got my matches. Strange. I thought they were only going to offer one profile but instead I was offered 4. I liked 2 of the 4 guys. One of the 4 was out of my age range, the other was not my type at all. So now I wait to see if either like me back. If so, we’ll be able to chat.

I have an OKC date loosely scheduled for next weekend. We had a long phone chat during my lunch break on Tuesday. He’s a really nice guy but I’m not sure if our lifestyles and schedules are compatible. Time will tell. I’ll meet him and assess. His desire to attend more concerts is a big bonus, though. I’m looking for a concert buddy.

I spent my 2 kid-free nights this week at home solo enjoying the quiet. My dating life has come to a near-standstill but, considering my recent luck, I welcome taking a step back and slowing down right now. I know it’s just a matter of time before things get busy again. Spring and nice weather is around the corner, after all!