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It’s a tiny glimmer of hope.

My professional situation is suddenly turning itself around as if by magic. All I will say about that is that there was a really unusual mix-up. What are the odds of that?

Regardless, this means that things may be turning around for me. March may be my lucky month! *frantically looks for a 4 leaf clover*

And… a promising guy I’d been occasionally chatting with on Bumble finally asked me out! Maybe it’s not a coincidence as he also found my profile today on OK Cupid. Our first date is scheduled for early next week. He actually invited me to meet him for a drink tonight but I have the kids. He even lives in my neighborhood – huge plus!

So far I have two dates next week.

The Once dating app disappointed me today. I was given 4 matches and didn’t like any of them. Maybe tomorrow will be better? I’m not holding my breath.

I had a quick chat with Jill at work today regarding her appointment with her therapist last night. She is really concerned about dating now because of my recent experiences. Hahaha. I’m guessing she told her therapist about Hayden, Joaquin, and her current heart throb/object of lust… then asked him if guys not being able to communicate is a common problem. His response? Yes, it is common. Women are naturally much more communicative. He said it’s not unusual for women to come out of long relationships and/or marriages and turn to other women, either platonically or romantically.

This was disappointing to hear.

He said most guys with communication issues fall into one of two categories: 1) They tell us what we want to hear because they don’t want to disappoint us, and 2) They don’t know what they feel at all because they are so out of touch with their emotions.

He said there are exceptions, of course. Guys who are great at communicating do exist. He said the only way to sniff out who’s communicative and who is not is to be patient and let them reveal themselves. It will be apparent over time.

Time and patience tell all.