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My lips

When I was in college, a classmate/friend/FWB wrote a book and wanted a photo of my lips on the cover. He took several photos. I don’t know if he eventually used one of them because we lost touch after graduation.

He is now a play writer and director in San Francisco (yes, I Googled and found him). As far as I can see, he hasn’t published a book with a photo of my lips – or any lips – on the cover. But, if he had, I imagine it would look similar to the photo of my actual cartoon colorized lips above.

Last night’s date cancelled at the last minute. This was the second time in a row. (We’d first made plans on Tuesday night but it was tentative and he ultimately decided Wednesday would be better.) It was for work-related reasons out of his control and he was very apologetic. He suggested rescheduling for Saturday. This morning I told him that Saturday might work and to suggest a place and time. I also told him he owes me a beer for my troubles.

I have yet to hear back. I’m starting to think this is just bad timing – maybe his career is too hectic right now – and I should move on. If he doesn’t step up and take the lead on rescheduling, I refuse to entertain the idea further. He snoozes, he loses.

No date tonight. I have dinner & margaritas scheduled with a friend instead. Tomorrow night is a date with an Oregonian in San Francisco visiting family. Saturday may or may not be a date with chaotic cancellation dude. Or someone else. First come, first served! On Sunday I’ll be hanging out with Jill.

Mars and I have decided to take the kids to Mexico for spring break. We have $2,300 in travel credits we accrued while married and figured we should use it to take the kids on a fun vacation. I booked the vacation last night. We’ll be staying 5 nights at an all-inclusive resort… the same resort we stayed at 3 years ago on our last family vacation before separating. The kids had a blast. We went whale watching. We swam in the Sea of Cortez. The kids got to pet and swim with dolphins. The kids adored the all-you-can-eat dessert buffet and movies under the stars.

I cannot wait. I am overdue for a vacation, sun, and warm weather.

The Once app I downloaded over a week ago was a dud despite the high app ratings. What a disappointment. I matched with just one guy during that time. I sent the first message because I was so ridiculously excited to finally get a match. He responded two days later. So I sent another message. It’s been 4 days and no response. Fuck that.

I was not attracted or interested in 99% of the suitors they sent me every day at noon. Yesterday the potential match they sent me was a smoker. Oh hell no.

Either it’s not very popular and the pickings are slim or else their matching algorithm sucks.

I uninstalled it today, then immediately installed Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB). I’ll get my matches tomorrow – hopefully this will be an improvement.

I think there was a Bumble glitch because after several weeks of little activity and very few matches, I suddenly got bombarded with hundreds of new profiles and dozens of matches last night. Weird.

Hell, I may eventually bite the bullet and try Tinder again. Not yet, though.

Browsing profiles on OK Cupid is very entertaining. I laughed at the following profile and was nodding my head in agreement. These are the things I think but don’t say. I am more tactful. (I have a similar poly disclaimer in my profile.)