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“I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m someone’s double espresso” – me

I am utterly disappointed with dating at the moment. Most of my dating apps are silent with little matching or messaging  activity. The few conversations I’ve had with my matches are uninteresting and short-lived. No one is exciting me.

My search continues. I’m considering deleting Coffee Meets Bagel and Clover and installing Tinder instead. Coffee Meets Bagel has been a joke so far. I’ve had it one week and have had zero matches. I’m losing my patience.

I’m meeting Matt 2 for our 2nd date today. We’re meeting for lunch at a restaurant near my office. I’m interested to see if a 2nd date will change my feelings. My current feelings: I enjoy his company but there’s no romantic spark.

I had a happy hour date with structural engineer dad last night… only to find out he’s not a structural engineer but in an architecture niche similar to mine.

Name: Arch

Met on: OK Cupid

48 years old, architectural engineer, separated, dad to 2 kids

We spent most of the 2 hours talking about our architecture careers and how our marriages dissolved while sipping Belgian beer. He’s been separated from his wife since last summer; divorce is in progress. Upon meeting him, I immediately noticed an accent. I figured he’d tell me he’s from Holland or South Africa. It shocked the hell out of me when he told me he was born and raised in Santa Cruz. No kiss, but I did give him a hug as we said our goodbyes.

He has gorgeous blue eyes but I’m not yet convinced he’s my type. We had a nice time, though. I’ll agree to another date if he asks.

I’m experiencing a lot of clarity and peace. I’m feeling an elevated sense of creativity and am seeing the world in a new way.

I’m feeling strong and fit. My legs and butt are a rock solid mass of muscle. I’m still powering through on the pull-ups. Is it normally this slow going? I’m a little over halfway up now since beginning training last August. I am proud to be making progress even though it’s at a snail’s pace.

My new running shoes came in the mail last night. They feel divine. I’d been using my old trusty cross-trainers since beginning sprint training but they’re not providing enough support. On Saturday I’ll see if they are an improvement. Tonight I’m going to wear these new running shoes for my regular HIIT workout and see if they’ll work for that. I hope so – I don’t want to continue buying 2 different types of athletic shoes.

My large 24 x 36 canvas has still not arrived despite 2-day shipping. I’m a little disgruntled. Hopefully it arrives today.

I recently discovered the band TV on the Radio and have been obsessed. Their songs are orchestral (include violins and trumpets) and gorgeous. Their music reminds me of a cross between Alt-J and Massive Attack. I first fell in love with songs Will Do and New Cannonball Blues but today on my commute I listened to their Dear Science album.

In case you you missed it, I recently added a link to the new Cast of Characters page above. ^^