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My date last night was incredible.

Name: Luke

Met on: Tinder

38 years old, animation professor, recently separated, 1 young kid

We agreed to meet inside at the bar at Social Brewery at 8:30 pm. He arrived a little early and texted me to tell me that since there were no seats available at the bar, he secured a table near the door. I had just finished parking when I got his text and appreciated the communication.

When he saw me come in the door, he stood up and we embraced in a hug. He was gorgeous. He reminded me of a cross between Luke Wilson and George Clooney.


Luke Wilson


He had already ordered a beer. He apologized for not ordering one for me but obviously didn’t know what I liked. I thought that was sweet and thoughtful to mention.

We had incredible conversation for the next 4+ hours.We knew virtually nothing about each other prior to meeting. I didn’t even know his age – apparently, that’s something you can hide when you pay for Tinder Plus.

He was very philosophical and insightful, occasionally getting really passionate about a topic… then would apologize for ranting. I told him with a laugh that it was clear he was a professor. We talked about why our marriages ended, our childhoods, our families, and our current thoughts on relationships.

We are looking for the same thing. When I told him he looked familiar (i.e. Luke Wilson), he said, “that’s something someone says when they recognize a soul mate.” We talked about whether or not we believe in soul mates, karma, fate, religion, a higher power.

We also talked about our intuition involved in assessing online dating profiles. He had an excellent point: He said that all we’re really doing when swiping left & right is evaluating personal taste. The photos someone chooses of themselves says volumes about who they are… which is why I get turned off by shirtless photos, overly curated photos, and poor quality photos. He said, “In online dating, a photo isn’t worth a thousand words. It’s worth a million.” I agree.

Suddenly, we realized we were the last patrons left and the brewery was closing. Neither of us were ready for the date to end, but it was 1 am and I had to be up early for work. He didn’t – he had just closed out winter quarter. Lucky him.

We agreed to go to a nearby bar (coincidentally, the same bar where I’ll be meeting tonight’s date) and walked with our arms around each other to the next block. As we approached the bar, it was raucous and loud – karaoke night. As we contemplated where we should go instead, he kissed me. He was an awesome kisser and I could tell he would be a passionate lover. We stood there in the rain making out for a good 10 minutes.

I told him I’d love to spend more time with him but that I needed to call it a night. He understood. I even went so far as to tell him if I hadn’t only gotten 4.5 hours of sleep the prior two nights in a row, I’d even invite him back to my place. We made plans to see each other on my first kid-free night after returning from Mexico… in exactly 2 weeks. Womp womp. But I’m glad we have a 2nd date set.

He walked me to my car. We kissed and nuzzled some more while we waited for his Uber. We kissed one last time as he ducked into the car. I smiled all the way home.

I’m excited to get to know him better.

Hayden texted last night asking when he could see us next, saying that he’d like to give my daughter another chance to win at Clue. I told him not until a week from Friday due to being in Mexico. He said that sounds great, that he was thinking of excuses to come see me.

He baffles me.

Matt 2 texted me yesterday when he got into town, as expected. We’ve had some superficial back & forth but I’m going to break the news to him today that I don’t see him in a romantic way before he asks me out again.

Surprisingly, Matt 1 sent me a strange text yesterday.  He said, “Hey, I had a great time the other night. I like you very much, hoping the feeling is mutual.” Um, he lives in Portland! Even if I were interested, how would that even work?!

Arch sent me a text telling me he had a nice time on our date and that he’d like to see me again. He also asked for the contact info for my divorce financial advisor, which I have since happily provided.

A strange dude has been texting me lately. He claims we were chatting on OK Cupid over a year ago. I must have given him my phone number but honestly can’t recall ever talking with anyone named Rob, and I told him I was deep in a relationship with Tex during the time he claimed we last talked. I call bullshit. I asked him to send a pic and he had some stupid iPhone story about how he can only send pics if I have an iPhone as well. I don’t. He told me he could send them via email but I said no way. He keeps asking if he can buy me a drink. Finally I said, “I honestly don’t recall ever talking with anyone named Rob. Help jog my memory: What did we talk about, how old are you, what do you do, what do you remember about me, etc.” Silence. Jesus. It’s possible I really have forgotten but he hasn’t given me anything to go on. And I think it’s creepy and bizarre that he’d contact me out of the blue over a year later. His first text was “How are you?” rather than an explanation of who he was and why it had been so long since we’d last had contact. WTF. Am I out of line or isn’t that the polite and reasonable thing to do? It’s presumptuous for him to even think I still had his contact info.

I have another 1st date tonight. He is responsive with texts, sweet, and friendly. Dark hair, dark eyes, and a smile that lights up his face. Win/win already.