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Another great date last night! Yes, I am on a roll. Haha

Name: Piano Guy

Met on: Tinder

30 years old, tech recruiter, never married, no kids

I didn’t realize he was so young until just before leaving to meet him at our neighborhood Irish sports bar. Oops.

Yes, he lives in my neighborhood. I love that.

I had a little difficulty parking and was a few minutes late. He’d already secured a spot at the bar and ordered himself a beer when I arrived. He was cute! Big brown eyes, straight white teeth, and a nice smile.

He likes hiking, taking road trips, and just started piano lessons. And I was surprised to learn that we like the same obscure authors!

He wasn’t asking many questions about me, which I was a little annoyed by… until I realized it was because I was asking too many questions about him. Once I stopped dominating the flow of the conversation, he started asking questions about me.

We held hands as he walked me to my car. I offered to give him a lift home (3 blocks – haha!) and he obliged. We made out in the car for a bit before he hopped out.

He was a disappointed to hear that we won’t be able to have a 2nd date for another 2 weeks. He asked me to send photos from Mexico in the meantime, “preferably in a bikini.” I assured him I’d try to get some non-selfie bikini shots for his viewing pleasure.

When I got home and parked, I noticed he’d sent a text telling me to drive safely. Aww. We had some flirty text conversation before calling it a night.

I have another date tonight! This guy is knocking my socks off already. He’s adorable, 31, and from Tennessee. We’re going to see the Broadway play Into the Woods! He suddenly had an extra ticket this morning and invited me after expressing his displeasure last night that he wouldn’t be able to see me until after I return from Mexico. He said, “You’re going to be speaking fluent Spanish by the time we meet!” and “Our first date will be needle hunting in the Tenderloin, followed by a meth tasting.” I appreciate his quirky sense of humor.

I’m excited about this one. We’re meeting for dinner before heading to the theater. I’ll update tomorrow!