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And yet another great date last night! It was my third 1st date 3 nights in a row.

Name: Tennessee

Met on: Tinder

31 years old, product account manager, never married, no kids

I arrived at Mikeller Bar a little before 6. Tennessee arrived right on time. He was cute! We gave each other a hug hello then made our way to the already-crowded bar. Our plan was to get a beer then head downstairs to get a table for dinner. He paid for our beers (kolsch for me, pils for him) and we spent a few minutes chatting before heading downstairs. He’s friendly and engaging.

I asked him how he found himself with an extra ticket today, on the day of the show. He said, “My date cancelled.” I asked him if it was a first date. Yes, it was. He quickly said, “But it works out even better this way because I wanted to go with you.” Aww. I asked what his date’s excuse was and he said, “She was vague and gave an excuse like she was still getting over her ex-boyfriend and not ready to date.” I made a comment about how she probably should have thought about that before joining Tinder… and, anyhow, it was just a date, not a marriage proposal. Geez, people never cease to amaze me! But her loss is my gain. Haha.

We got a seat at a “family style” table downstairs and decided to split 3 dishes: a chicken quesadilla, mac & cheese w/ bacon, and a hot dog topped with pulled pork & fried onion strings. The food was amazing. We ordered more drinks.

He paid for everything. What a gentleman! I insisted on buying drinks for the rest of the evening.

It was loud in the downstairs dining room and we had trouble hearing each other. After we finished eating, we went back upstairs to get one last drink before heading to the theater. It was easier to hear each other – I didn’t have to continually ask him to repeat himself nor did I feel like I was yelling. What a relief.

We had nice, easy conversation over the course of the evening. I learned about his childhood, his family, how he’s enjoyed living in San Francisco for the past 3 years, and that he holds 2 annual passes to the theater so he can get guaranteed seats for every production. He saw Rent a couple weeks ago and will be seeing Hamilton next month.

I really enjoyed Into the Woods. It was the first Broadway production I’d seen since Les Miserables in the late 1980s. Yes, that long ago!

During intermission, we discussed which characters were our favorites.

After the show, he suggested checking out his favorite gin bar, Whitechapel. We walked with our arms around each other. As we were waiting for a light to turn green, he turned to kiss me. We had a mini-makeout session there on the street corner.

Once at Whitechapel, we each ordered a fancy gin cocktail and talked some more. We soon realized it was 12:30 am. No wonder I was so tired! Tennessee stood with me on the street corner while I waited for my Uber to arrive. He lived nearby and was going to walk home.

He gave me a goodnight kiss when my ride arrived. I was exhausted so it was especially annoying to have an overly talkative driver who also drove slowly. I didn’t get home until 1 am.

I sent Tennessee an email this morning thanking him for inviting me to the theater and told him about my harrowing ride home last night. He responded with, “I was going to text you this morning but have been stuck working. I had a great time and am looking forward to seeing you when you return from Mexico.” Aww.

And so concluded my week of dating. I had three awesome 1st dates and am looking forward to learning more about each guy.

I’m off to Mexico early tomorrow. I’ll post again post-vacation… hopefully relaxed and sporting tanned skin.