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The “talk” with Hayden last night was anti-climactic.

He arrived around 7. We chatted for a bit, then played 1.5 games of Clue with my daughter before it was time to take the kids to Mars’. Hayden is so good with my daughter. He is very reasonable and gently steps in and talks with her whenever she starts arguing with me about cleaning up her messes.

He was affectionate, as usual.

As soon as Hayden and I returned back to my place from Mars’ house, we tore each other’s clothes off and had sex for the next 1.5 hours straight. He’s become much more domineering and sexual, less timid and “vanilla”. I like!

I started to get painful sharp abdominal cramping while we were having sex. I regretted having a greasy meal for dinner so soon after the Mexican infection. Hayden got up to get antacids and water for me. When the worst of the pain passed, we resumed having sex.

We snuggled in a big bear hug afterward. Then, he got up and started getting dressed, saying he had to get going. I have a hunch he always has to leave so that he can self-medicate with cigarettes and/or alcohol. Of course, it’s hard to know for sure.

He said, “I’d like to come back soon. Can I come over on Thursday or Friday?” I had dates both nights. This was the first time since we broke up he suggested coming over on a kid-free night, and I’m almost always busy on my kid-free nights.

I told him neither night would work for me; I already had plans. He seemed surprised. I said, “Well… I’m dating.”

I couldn’t tell what he was thinking from his response. He replied, “Oh, you’re dating” very matter-of-factly. I thought I sensed surprise but who knows.

I suggested Saturday. I didn’t already have plans for Saturday. Well… I did until the day prior, but canceled them because the dude was rude and clearly only looking for sex. More on that later.

He said Saturday would work and asked me what time. I told him I was free all day so whatever worked for him. He said, “Ok, I’ll text you later and we can figure it out.”

As he left, I asked if he was going to call an Uber first. He said he was going to take a walk first… which I think is code for smoking while he walks. I feel like he hides a lot from me.

Then as he left, he said, “I’ll see you again soon.” I responded, “You mean Saturday??” Because, dammit, I’ll make other plans if he’s not going to commit…. He said yes but I’m not convinced.

I’m delightfully sore today.

I’m behind on posts! I still need to post about my Tinder experience while in Mexico. I also need to post about my current prospects and the guys who blew it badly. It’s been entertaining.