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My tentative date with the aeronautical engineer didn’t happen last night, after all. I was a little relieved. I needed some downtime. I did laundry, cleaned the house, and watched an episode of Westworld while a storm raged outside. I was glad to not be out in it.

I had some short text conversations with both Piano Guy and Tennessee last night. I guess I won’t write Piano Guy off… yet. Tennessee will be in Tahoe this weekend after returning from Austin yesterday.

I forgot to mention the craziness that ensued with strange creepy dude. I’m sure you all remember that I blocked his phone number after he sent me texts asking if he could buy me a drink but failed to answer any of my many questions about who he was.

He created an OK Cupid profile with a photo. 27 years old, fairly cute. He didn’t look familiar. I doubt I would have given my phone number to someone I can’t even remember. I mean, it’s possible… but not likely. My memory is typically excellent.

I could see that he was visiting my profile daily. So I blocked him on OK Cupid, too.

While I was in Mexico sitting poolside, I got a text from an unknown number that simply said, “So you blocked me eh?” I laughed out loud. I knew immediately that it was from him. Sure enough, I looked in my spam folder and saw 9 texts (nine!) from him over a span of 2 days. He kept asking “did you get my pic?” and “did you get my OKC messages?” and finally “or you blocked me”.

But then he obviously felt compelled to send me a text from a different phone number informing me that he knew I blocked him. If that isn’t hilarious and immature I don’t know what is!

I ignored, which was the right thing to do. I haven’t heard from him since March 28th.

Tonight: Date with Professor Luke! We’re meeting for dinner – he’s making a plan. I am really looking forward to seeing him again.