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Professor Luke and I had our second date on Friday night. I discovered some red flags I’m not sure I’ll be able to look past.

We met at a gastropub halfway between our homes. While I was en route, he texted me to let me know he was running late. I told him no worries, that I’d secure a table before the rush.

He was 10 minutes late and by then, I’d already secured a nice table, was sipping on a kolsch, and was perusing the menu. He looked just as handsome as I remembered. Damn, he’s cute! He’d come straight from work so he was a little spacy and distracted at first. He settled in quickly, though.

I ordered the fish & chips; he ordered the vegetable pot pie. We talked for 2 hours, long after the plates were cleared and we’d ordered another 2 drinks each. We talked a lot about our exes and communication issues. He is very good with communication – I was impressed.

Finally, at 11, I suggested heading to my place and we caught an Uber.

I gave him the tour of my place, then we started making out in the hallway. He’s a very passionate kisser but… he’s very thin. Thinner than I am! I was a little weirded out because it felt like I was kissing a child.

We moved into my bedroom, then onto my bed. His touch vacillated between heavenly and heavy-handed. Sometimes he’d even accidentally bite me. Things improved after I told him to ease up on the teeth.

Earlier that day I had purchased a small box of Lifestyle Skyn latex-free condoms to try (holy shit, they’re expensive at $2 each!). I was disappointed to find that Luke wasn’t packing – his penis is smaller than average. However, the sex was good. Luke made up for his small size with technique and passion. We had to check that the condom was still securely applied 3 separate times and I wonder if this was due to his size.

I really like the Skyn condoms so far! We only used one so the jury is still out. Still, I think I may revert to my tried and true Trojan Sensitivity Bare Skins.

We laid in bed talking until 3 in the morning. The red flags: A) He’ll occasionally lapse into monologues about The Illuminati (I had to Google this after our date, as I had no idea what it was), the new world order, and how the sun’s increasing radiation is going to kill everyone except the ones with open hearts. WTF?! and B) He has taken a lot of LSD. A lot. I asked him how much and he replied, “Hmm. If I had to guess, I would say about 300 times. I’m unaffected by it at this point. The most I’ve taken at one time is 11 hits.” FUCK. I asked him how long it had been since he’d last used it; I was surprised when he said 1-1/2 weeks ago.

These two red flags are most likely related. He said, “At this point, my life is like living in an LSD trip.”

I don’t get it. He’s successful and smart but his rantings give me a little anxiety because they remind me of my mom’s rants… and we all suspect she is mentally ill.

A 3rd although lesser red flag is that he still refers to his ex as his wife. They are newly separated but he did divulge to me that he would absolutely give their marriage another try if she were to attempt reconciliation.

He finally left at 3 am despite me telling him that he was welcome to stay overnight. He was going to get custody of his daughter later that morning and he was afraid he’d oversleep if he stayed at my place. Fair enough.

He left his Apple watch at my place. He texted me yesterday and today to try to coordinate a time when he could pick it up. Our schedules finally aligned today and he dropped by with his daughter to pick it up. I met him at the door. He looked fantastic, as usual. We gave each other several hugs and kisses during our quick 5-minute chat in the doorway.

I am not sure what to do at this point with Luke. I feel like I should feel it out the situation with a 3rd date but I know in my heart that I won’t be able to handle having a boyfriend who takes LSD. And for crying out loud, he’s 38! A professional dude in his late 30s should not be regularly taking hallucinogenics.

It’s disappointing.

I was supposed to see Hayden yesterday and/or last night. He texted yesterday morning asking if he could see me today instead. I responded with, “Tomorrow works but today or tonight is better.” I was a little annoyed when he responded with, “Ahh. Tomorrow at 5 pm works for me.” Suddenly without plans, I made a deliberate decision to have a date with myself.

I watched Moonlight, took a hot bubble bath, and went to bed early.

This afternoon I got a text from Hayden saying that he doesn’t feel well and can we postpone to tomorrow night instead? Geezus. I responded, “That’ll probably work. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well.”

He’s slipping.

It was nice getting an early start today. I went to the track, ran errands, and finished filing my taxes. Now that my evening is suddenly free, I’m going to meet Mars and the kids for a short cliff-side ocean hike.