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The following is what happened when I decided to try using Tinder for the first time while on vacation.

I swiped during my recent trip to Mexico. My goal was to hopefully connect with someone staying at a nearby resort. Ideally, this man would be staying at my resort. How convenient! Who doesn’t want a little romance while on holiday?!

My fantasies did not match reality.

I matched with about 10 dudes. Pickings were a little slim. Tinder is apparently not very popular in Los Cabos.

Of the 10 I matched with, only half began conversations. Of those, only one spoke English: A 31 year old cutie on vacation from Chicago. He was staying at an all-inclusive resort about 15 miles away. He invited me to hang out with him at his resort.

I knew that A) It would be difficult and expensive to find transportation to his resort, and B) Once there, I would not be able to drink or eat anything because I wasn’t a guest at his all-inclusive resort.

He would have the same issues if he were to come to my all-inclusive resort… and then we also wouldn’t have a place to go for privacy if we hit it off and wanted to get intimate.

The logistics were impossible. I soon told him honestly that meeting up just wasn’t going to work out. He asked for my text number so that we could keep in touch once we returned home. We did… and had a few short text exchanges before the conversation dried up. I didn’t see much point in continuing text communications.

Swiping while on holiday didn’t work out this time, but I would (and hopefully will!) absolutely do it again. The conditions weren’t right this time.

Ideal conditions for dating while on holiday:

  • One or both of you has transportation
  • You’re vacationing in a city and can meet somewhere other than the hotel where you’re staying
  • You’re traveling solo

Have you dated while on holiday? If so, what were your experiences?