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As I was swiping last week on Bumble, I was surprised to match with an adorable guy whose profile said he worked at my company. My company is huge and we have several locations even in the bay area. He looked vaguely familiar, though.

I sent him a message asking if, by any chance, he worked at my office location. Sure enough, he did! And I know his boss. What are the chances of that?! Was this serendipitous or a bad idea?

It doesn’t deter many, as there are lots of office marriages.

We had a fun exchange but he eventually made a comment saying, “You know what they say about dipping your pen in the company ink….” Hmm. I think it was code for him saying he didn’t want to pursue anything.

I’ll admit: I was disappointed.

The conversation ended soon after that. It just wasn’t meant to be. I briefly thought about suggesting we meet for coffee but ultimately don’t want to be the pursuer, especially since he’s 13 years younger than I am and I have a lot more seniority to boot. I thought that might be in poor taste.

I had to place a dude from my distant past on my auto call reject list. I met him on Clover last summer or fall. We never went out, i.e. I never met him in person. But he’s been calling me repeatedly for the past few weeks and not leaving a message.

WHY DO THIS?! Dude. Send a text if you feel so compelled to reach out for some inexplicable reason… but don’t call me. I don’t know you. And I sure as hell don’t want to have a conversation with someone I exchanged a few brief messages with over six months ago. I am baffled.

I have only 2 kid-free nights this week. I deliberately left tonight unscheduled. I’m going to call my mom, work out, and finally finish watching Westworld.

Tomorrow: Date #2 with Piano Guy.

Tennessee has reached out since he returned from Tahoe. He asked what my schedule was for this week. When I offered tomorrow night (before I offered to Piano Guy), he said he already had Giants game tickets. Nooo. I offered next week instead. He immediately responded with, “Ok! I call Wednesday.”

Date #2 is now set for next week. I’m looking forward to seeing him again.

I saw Hayden last night. He finally pulled through after canceling Saturday and Sunday. I still don’t know what his reason was for canceling Saturday, but when he canceled on Sunday he said he didn’t feel well. I called him on it. I asked him if he had health insurance because he wasn’t feeling well often and I was worried about him. He said he didn’t have health insurance but needs to get it. He explained that he suspected he didn’t feel well because he needed rest. He’s stressed out. When pressed about why, he said it’s because of work and because he recently found out his landlord is thinking of selling the building… meaning he’d have to move.

What I’ve noticed about Hayden is that he seems to get stressed easily.

After he arrived at my place last night, we caught up over sauvignon blanc. We talked about his stress response. He told me he’s really cut back on coffee, which should help. I told him I can let him try some of my herbal supplements that might work. I specifically mentioned ashwagandha and chamomile. He seemed open to the idea.

We played a game of Clue with my daughter.

We could barely wait until she was in bed before we attacked each other. Holy shit, it just keeps getting better sexually with Hayden. He’s a firecracker now! What’s more puzzling is that I honestly don’t remember him being this passionate when we were a couple. I suspect it’s because we don’t see each other as often as we used to, i.e. there’s more anticipation, repression, and built-up tension.

The sex is damn good now.

He left around 11. Before leaving, he asked if he could see me again on Thursday or Friday. I told him either would work, as I’ll have the kids both nights and don’t have anything else planned.

I am really enjoying our new FWB status.