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I have officially run out of patience with inappropriate messages from guys I have never met.

Exhibit of Tuesday night’s conversation below. Note the time.


Two thoughts: 1) Yes, this is Tinder. Although it started as a hook-up app, it is now a standard dating app. Users should be aware of this and proceed accordingly, and 2) Sexually explicit talk with a stranger is disrespectful because it means you don’t care if you offend. Until you know someone better, it simply shouldn’t be done.

After I sent my above response, he sent a short message saying, “Ok, have a good workout, goodnight” but then unmatched himself a few minutes later.

I will not be silent.

My Bumble coworker unmatched himself. Yesterday I told Jill about Bumble matching with him last week. She knows him! She said, “Oh god, Lauren, not him! He’s very obviously Asperger’s” and gave me some specific examples of his social awkwardness. We work with a lot of engineers; this is a common theme.

Yesterday morning I received an email saying that I received an OK Cupid message. The message said, “Dude. Are we meeting for a post-work Oakland drink tonight?”

My thought: Dude. Who are you?!

OK Cupid was down and inaccessible for 2 hours and I was going crazy trying to remember who this might be. I certainly didn’t remember making happy hour plans for that night or I wouldn’t have made plans back in San Francisco with Piano Guy.

I suppose I’ll never know – by the time I was able to login, the user had disabled his profile. What’s especially odd is that there was no previous record of conversation with this user. I have no idea who this could be… and I don’t know if I should be more concerned that he called me dude.