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It’s been quiet. I haven’t had a date since my date with Professor Luke 1.5 weeks ago. And speaking of which, I haven’t heard from him since he picked up his watch from my place 8 days ago. I’m relieved because I wasn’t sure how I should break the news to him that I didn’t want to date anymore. It wasn’t a matter of not having chemistry – we had plenty of that. It was his deal-breakers.

So how would I say that without being hurtful? Thoughts? I was honestly considering just ignoring him if he reached out again, which is obviously a bad plan. (This is why I’m relieved he hasn’t contacted me.)

As mentioned in my previous post, Piano Guy and I had to reschedule our date for last Wednesday night. We’ve re-scheduled for tomorrow night. I’m having second thoughts, though. I’m just not feeling it and am wondering if I should cancel.

I have a much-anticipated date with Tennessee on Wednesday night. He texted me yesterday and asked if I had any special requests. I thought that was super sweet and thoughtful… and I like that he’s taking initiative. I threw out some ideas, including dinner, drinks, and comedy club. He responded that he thinks we should stick with dinner and drinks because “it would nice to finally have a chance to catch up.” Aww. Our first date was about a month ago!

No other prospects are on the horizon. All the dating apps have been unusually quiet.

I had an actual date scheduled with Hayden last week. He wanted to see me last Thursday so I suggested meeting for dinner. I had some time after work before getting custody of the kids at 8. We met at a fancy Mexican restaurant in my neighborhood at 6. The food was amazing. I ordered a mescal cocktail; Hayden ordered a margarita.

He paid.Β  !!!! In turn, I got the Uber back to my place. We attacked each other once at my place. Mars was late dropping the kids off and we both complained that, had we known, we would have been able to enjoy each other for another 20 minutes.

Once the kids arrived, they got caught up in their own thing and bedtime was imminent anyway. Hayden and I watched the movie Arrival on On Demand. It rocked my world.

Hayden came to visit again last night after the kids and I returned from an out-of-town Easter trip. He brought over a 6-pack of beer and I ordered pizza. We hung out and talked while my daughter, who was sick & feverish with a tummy bug, watched How to Train Your Dragon. Hayden and I retreated to my bedroom once to “give each other back massages” and once to the bathroom for a quickie. Hayden climaxed 3 times back-to-back. Damn.

Before he left last night, he asked to see me again tomorrow night. I told him that was fine despite knowing I had a date with Piano Guy. I agreed because I wasn’t feeling that excited about seeing Piano Guy again, and seeing Hayden is always awesome.

I could always tell Hayden Thursday will be better and keep my date with Piano Guy but I wonder if it’s better to just cancel. I shouldn’t have to psyche myself up to go on a 2nd date, after all. I would hate for someone to feel that way about me.