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Last night’s date with Tennessee was fabulous.

I arrived at the Latin restaurant 5 minutes late due to a super-slow Uber driver and joined Tennessee at the bar. I hadn’t seen him in nearly a month – he was as cute as I remembered. We gave each other a hug and promptly ordered a pitcher of sangria.

Soon after that, we ordered too much food: seafood paella, chicken Paillard, pork quesadilla, and fried plantains.

We’d both traveled since we’d last seen each other so we swapped stories. He’d been to Lake Tahoe, Chicago, and Austin. He lit up when he talked about seeing Hamilton last week.

We touched often.

I drank too much sangria. He insisted on paying the bill. I suggested we either get another drink at a nearby cocktail bar or go back to my place. I’m glad he suggested the latter because, in hindsight, I would have been sick as a dog had I had even one more drink.

We made out on the street corner while waiting for our Uber.

Back at my house, while getting us glasses of water, we started making out again. He started undressing me right there in the kitchen. My bra and top were tossed onto the tile floor. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

We hurried into my bedroom; I flung myself onto the bed. I fumbled with the buckles of my shoes, then tore my pants off. He was on top of me. We were kissing and groping.

I announced to him that I was on the last day of my period – was that okay? – and excused myself to the bathroom to remove my Pixie Cup. Back at bedside, I reached into the bedside table drawer and produced a condom and lube.

He pinned my arms together with one hand and penetrated me from above. It was hot. Soon we moved to me on top, then eventually to him behind. I climaxed twice.

And then I passed out. I must have snoozed for about an hour. I woke up to him kissing me. I love that! I was half-asleep but very turned on. He inserted himself into me… this time without a condom. I didn’t protest – it felt so good. However, I would have insisted on using a condom had I been more awake.

He climaxed quickly, cumming on my belly. I got up to use the bathroom and get us more water.

He stayed the whole night. I was a little surprised.

I slept fitfully due to the excessive sangria and had crazy dreams. He’s a heavy sleeper. I tried snuggling with him a couple times in the middle of the night but he didn’t wake up.

We both woke up at 6:30. He got dressed and arranged an Uber. He asked what my schedule was like for the next few days. Sounds like we won’t be able to see each other again until next week. I went back to bed and masturbated. When I got up to shower, I took 2 ibuprofen for my slight headache.

He sent me a text a couple hours after he left that simply said, “so sleepy”. We exchanged a couple texts and cursed the sangria.

I’m not sure our lifestyles are ultimately compatible (he has a lot of local friends and meets up/drinks with them often) but I’m eager to see where things go and how things will unfold. He has southern charm, is polite and respectful, and is a genuinely good guy.