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Racer X will be in town again in a couple weeks. We’ve arranged to see each other while he’s here. Unfortunately, he’ll only be in town for 2 nights.

I’ll have my kids that Monday night but I’ve invited him to come over and meet them. We’ll order pizza. My son’s birthday is the following day plus he has a band concert…my only kid-free night Racer X will be in town. What are the chances of that?!

We won’t be able to see each other until late that night. I’ll probably stay at Racer X’s hotel near the airport even though he’ll have to get up to catch his flight at 4 am.

Hayden and I have a dinner date tonight. We’re meeting for burgers and beers at a microbrewery.

I have a coffee & farmer’s market date scheduled with a newbie on Sunday morning. He’s a 52 year old environmental attorney, kind of cute, and seems like a nice guy. We’ll see.

Otherwise, my weekend will consist of errands, chores, sprinting at the track, maybe a hike on Sunday, and hopefully finally getting around to starting that large acrylic painting I’ve been planning.

Have a great weekend!