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I saw Hayden last night. He arrived with a bottle of white wine. As I put it in the fridge to chill, I praised him for bringing a sauv blanc. He’s learning! He knows nothing about wine, and I’ve told him in the past that I don’t like chardonnay and to never ever bring white zin. (He’s forgotten a couple times.)

I looked more closely at the bottle and was impressed that he’d brought an Italian sauv blanc by winemaker Veni Vidi Vici. That’s Italian, right? No, Hayden said it was Latin meaning “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Hmm. I read the label on the back. It’s Bulgarian. What?! I’d never heard of Bulgarian wine.

We opened the bottle of New Zealand sauv blanc I already had chilling and settled in to watch an episode of Last Week Tonight (he loves those comedy news shows – I simply tolerate them) then, after taking a break for passionate sex, the movie Hell or High Water.

We finished the first bottle of wine and opened the second Bulgarian bottle. I took a whiff – not a pleasant smell. It tasted even worse. It tasted like a cross between dirt and garbage. I choked down a glass.

After the movie, we retreated to my bedroom and had sex over and over for the following 2 hours. It was tender and electric and passionate. He was very vocal and said my name often, which was a first. Usually he calls me “baby” during sex but last night he also said “Lauren” at least a couple times. He climaxed 4 times.

We both dozed off while snuggling and woke up at 1 am. He said, “Unfortunately, I’ll have to go soon.” I said, “OK….” and couldn’t stop myself from letting out a laugh. Why he’s so averse to spending the night, I have no idea. He was certainly welcome to traipse home in the middle of the night while I stayed warm and cozy in my bed, though.

He polished off the last of the Bulgarian wine then took off in an Uber.

He’s texted me a few times today, the first time to say “On second thought, that Bulgarian wine was disgusting.” I asked him how he felt since he’s the one who drank most of it. He said he felt fine, just a bit drowsy.

I finally received a text from Tennessee last night after 6 days of silence. No. Just no. I haven’t responded and am not sure I will. It’s obvious he’s not that interested and if he was interested, he blew it. A text is so easy to send – there’s really no excuse.

I never heard back from the guy who said he’d get tickets to last night’s Giants/Dodgers game to make up for the fact that he had to cancel last Saturday night’s date at the last minute. What a complete joke. He has my text number but I unmatched him on Tinder just to make a point.

As for current prospects, so far I have 1st dates scheduled on 3 of my 5 kid-free nights next week. 2 are from Tinder, 1 is from OK Cupid. At the rate I’ve been going lately, I’m hoping they actually follow through. I don’t like “loose” plans and cancellations.