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I’m excited for my date tonight. 3 days ago he sent me a cute formal text that said, “May I take you to dinner on Wednesday?” Then he texted me yesterday asking if he could pick me up at 6:30 so that we could watch a beach sunset before dinner at 8. Yes, please! What a gentleman.

We’re currently experiencing heavenly, unusually warm sunny weather here in San Francisco. I’ve been sleeping with my windows open. Heading to the beach on my 1st date tonight will be a rare treat.

I canceled my 1st date last night yesterday morning. It was a good call, too, because he responded “that’s too bad” with a winky emoticon. The emoticon threw me off. What does that even mean?!

Hayden came over instead. He asked if he should bring wine but I told him I had that covered so he could bring something for dinner instead. He brought steaks. We had steak, brussels sprouts, and strawberries for dinner.

We planned to take a neighborhood hike after dropping the kids off at Mars’ but Hayden was wearing shorts and when night fell, it was a little chilly and we were feeling lazy after a couple glasses of awesome Chilean pinot grigio.

Instead, we watched an episode of Samantha Bee and drank more wine. I have a headache today.

We had sex twice – incredible, as usual.

I finally asked him my burning question: Why doesn’t he ever stay overnight? His explanation sucked. He replied, “Well, since I have to get up so early to go to work, I don’t get much sleep when I stay here.”

I asked, “But you don’t stay overnight on weekends, either.”

He stumbled over his words.

“You certainly don’t have to stay overnight if you don’t want to. It’s not a big deal. I was just curious.”

“I want to.”

I laughed. “If you wanted to, you would have.”

“Hmm. You’re right.”

??!! I made my point.

Then he said, “I’ll stay overnight on Friday night….”

Jesus! I feel like he’d be doing it just to appease me, or to prove a point. Hayden: always the people-pleaser.

I’m not confident he answered my question honestly. It seems he gave me a response he thought I wanted to hear.

He left at 10:30. As he was gathering his things, I asked if he was going to call an Uber. He said he was going to take the train instead. He lives on the other side of San Francisco so taking the train takes about 1 hour & 20 minutes. I asked why; he said he’s been spending too much money on Uber lately.

This perhaps gave me a better indication about why he doesn’t want to stay overnight. If he were to take the train home in the mornings rather than Uber, he’d probably have to leave my house at 5:30. I wouldn’t want to wake up at that time, either!