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I had a lovely weekend.

Hayden came over on Saturday night. He was planning to arrive at the same time I was going to be dropping my son off at his friend’s slumber party so I suggested earlier or later. I told him I could pick him up – my son’s friend lives near Hayden. Surprisingly, he agreed! (This was the first time he’s taken me up on the offer.)

He was going to be shopping and asked if I could pick him up the at the neighborhood grocery store. He was finished with his shopping and ready and waiting in the parking lot even though my daughter and arrived a little early.

He had purchased dinner fixings and presented me with a small Mother’s Day floral arrangement (red roses, baby’s breath, and green cocculus). Aww. I was touched he thought of me.

We relaxed for the rest of the evening, watching TV, eating pork chops and salad, and drinking wine. I had a bottle of Chilean sauv blanc and he brought an Italian pinot grigio.

And… HE STAYED OVERNIGHT! I didn’t even ask him to. Unlike last time, this time felt like old times. Intimate and affectionate. Sweet. Snuggly.

My daughter woke us up at 6:30 am by yelling “Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!” into the bedroom. My daughter played some Xbox while Hayden and I had quiet, leisurely, divine sex. Then I got up to make pancakes. Hayden joined us for breakfast.

I had placed his flowers in my favorite vase on the dining room table. While eating breakfast, I marveled at them again. He said, “You deserve it. You’re a fantastic mom.”ย  My heart nearly exploded. He appreciated me and acknowledged how hard I work as a mom.

He’s going to make a great husband and father some day. His future wife is lucky. Bittersweet thoughts. Mars is a great dad but I never felt adored or appreciated as I do with Hayden.

After Hayden left at 9, I hopped in the shower. I was in a rush to get ready, get everything loaded into the car, and pick up my son from his friend’s house before meeting family for a Mother’s Day lunch out-of-town.

I felt so thankful and lucky. I would be seeing my entire nuclear family, including my mom and my dad. Many of my friends and family don’t have that luxury. My family had graciously offered to meet me halfway even though there are 7 of them and only 3 of me.

I had purchased a thoughtful gift plus a large bouquet of purple mums for my mom (I’m not good at all with gift giving). I also bought small floral arrangements for my sister and sister-in-law.

Mother’s Day lunch was lovely. I was so happy to spend time with my family. My mom loved her gifts. I received a small sweet bouquet of sunflowers from my sister-in-law, which I joined with my rose bouquet from Hayden once I got home.

(The lunch bill game me sticker shock: $103 for my portion. Ouch. There goes my entertainment budget for the month! And then we got stuck in horrible traffic on our way home… but those were literally the only two downsides of the day.)

The kids got me a white stuffed teddy bear holding a heart that says “I love mom”, wrapped and paid for by Mars. Mars sent a text saying “Happy Mother’s Day.”

It was a happy Mother’s Day.

I have been exhausted. I think it’s from allergies. However, my period is also MIA. I’m 4 days late. I’m not too concerned… yet. Hayden and I use the withdrawal method (I use condoms with all other lovers) but yesterday morning I asked him if he was withdrawing completely before ejaculating because it felt like he wasn’t pulling out in time. He insists he pulls out in time.

Besides, it would be a damn near miracle if I conceived accidentally. I’m in my mid 40s, for crying out loud!

A more probable explanation for my late period is that I ovulated late or that I’m simply having a rare anovulatory cycle.

I have a couple dates scheduled for this week. Tomorrow night I have a 2nd date with Piano Guy. Against my better judgement, I scheduled a date with him despite canceling the last date. He’s not great with regular communications but he still reaches out occasionally to say hi, which I find endearing. I’m still not feeling that excited about seeing him again but I’m not going to cancel this time. It’s been about 2 months since our first date. It’ll be good to at least catch up, if nothing else. I’m not sure there’s a spark but I should know for sure after seeing him again.

I have a 1st date loosely scheduled sometime this week with a newbie I’ve exchanged a couple messages with on OK Cupid. He seems like a sweet, respectful guy and is completely new to online dating. Plus, he’s 42 years old so he’s age-appropriate. Woot! He wants to schedule the date via a phone chat, which I find charming. Scheduling calls are pretty difficult for me but we’ll work something out somehow.