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Guys, my date last night was fantastic. Wow. I met him at a restaurant bar near my office at 4:30.

Name: Irish Spaniard

Met on: Tinder

39 years old, construction superintendent, never married, no kids**

He was sitting at a 2-top table in the bar near the door when I arrived. He looks like Mark! Holy shit. The face shape, the jaw line, the light brown hair, the blue eyes, and the goatee were remarkably similar.

We moved to a booth and immediately had smooth, easy conversation. There were no lulls in the conversation and I felt so comfortable with him. We ordered drinks to start (watermelon wheat for me, rum & coke for him), then dinner around 6. We decided to share the burger and the mussels.

With dinner, we each ordered another round of drinks.

He was a great conversationalist, very well-spoken, and I learned a lot about him. We laughed a lot. He was very genuine and honest. We spoke about our past relationships, our families, our jobs, and what we’re looking for. He wants a relationship! *gasp*

He was very complimentary the entire evening, saying things like I’m adorable, have cute mannerisms, and a great laugh.

I learned that his father was physically and verbally abusive during his childhood and was an alcoholic. His father committed suicide when Irish Spaniard was a young adult, which prompted him to spiral out of control soon after… and he was arrested for selling cocaine and meth when he was 22. He spent a year in the county jail – he’s an ex-con! He expressed a lot of regret and said it was a bad time in his life and he wasn’t making good decisions.

**When I asked him if he had kids, he said it was complicated: He’d just found out last year he has a 17 year old daughter living in San Diego! He’s met her once already and will be attending her high school graduation next month.

He has several tattoos on his upper arms, which were only visible when he held his arms a certain way. I’m not a fan of tattoos.

We repeatedly told each other how much fun we were having, and he asked me right then and there if I would like to go out on another date with him. Absolutely! We agreed on hiking in Marin on Sunday.

He asked if I wanted to take a look at his current work project – a 7-story historic building that will become hipster housing – located only a few blocks from the restaurant. I did.

He insisted on paying the dinner & drinks bill! Damn.

We held hands walking to his work truck. We kissed once there, then he opened the car door for me. I loved it.

He showed me around the construction site, which was an old hotel originally built in 1910. The tiny bedrooms with shared kitchen and bathrooms were going to be rented for $1,200-$1,800 per month when finished. I shook my head in disbelief.

We went up to the rooftop. It was a gorgeous day, unusually warm. By this time it was 8 pm. We sat side-by-side on the roof watching the setting sun and birds flying overhead surrounded by high-rises. It was peaceful and perfect. I laid my head on his shoulder and nuzzled his neck. Hard to believe this was a first date! We kissed. He said, “I think I like you a lot.” Be still my heart!

I couldn’t stop smiling.

I knew it was soon going to be his bedtime – he goes to bed at 9 pm because of early work days. We had to say goodbye.

He opened the truck door for me once again and drove me to the BART station. Once at the station, he asked me to stay put because he’d get the door for me. Aww!

We stood on the sidewalk next to his truck kissing and talking. Finally, I broke away and ran to the station steps, turning back to smile and wave at him before heading down.

I really like him but am a bit freaked out. We have chemistry, he’s a respectful gentleman, kind, and genuine… but he’s not my type. One day at a time, I suppose.

I didn’t get home until 10:30 last night. I had to walk the last 9 blocks (all uphill) because one of the buses was delayed. I didn’t feel well, like I was moving through molasses. Tired and achy and light-headed.

My friends insisted I take a pregnancy test that night even though my test strips wouldn’t come in the mail until today. I drove to the closest grocery store and bought one.

It was negative. Hallefuckinglujah.

I’m home sick today from work. I suspect I have a touch of a virus. I am bone tired yet can’t sleep despite only getting 6 hours of sleep last night.

Because I’m home sick today, I had to cancel my lunch date with the pilot. Unfortunately, rescheduling is going to be difficult due to his work schedule and my custody schedule.

I’m headed back to bed. It’s another unusually warm gorgeous day and I have all the windows in the house open. I just drank some bedtime tea and am hoping a breeze can lull me to sleep.