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Irish Spaniard texted me at 8 pm last night with a simple “Hi!” We texted back and forth for a while. He made no mention of the plans we had made to go hiking earlier that day.

What the hell?! Did he forget? Did he remember but expected me to contact him first about the plans? I was bewildered.

Shockingly, he said he wanted to see me again. We made plans for next week. (I’m not free either of my 2 kid-free nights this week.)

Honestly, I am not sure this will work out anyway. First of all, I am not impressed that he asked me out while we were on our 1st date to go hiking that weekend in Marin. We had a day and a place but not a time… and then he doesn’t follow up and follow through? Total fail.

Also, he is an early bird. He goes to bed at 9 pm. Hell, my kids aren’t even in bed by 9 pm! I am a night owl. I fail to see how this could work long-term.

Additionally, he lives 35 miles away from me. In bay area traffic, that translates to about 1.5 hours of travel time each way. I have always been very specific in my online dating profiles that I don’t date anyone who lives over 20 miles from San Francisco… and even that’s pushing it.

When I was on my date with Irish Spaniard and found out where he lived, I mused about how that could have happened. On Tinder, I set my radius as 15 miles. I must have matched with him during a rare moment when I was swiping on my lunch break. After all, he works right down the street from my office. He was less than a mile away at the time and definitely would have shown up in my feed.

Lesson learned. Don’t swipe when not in San Francisco!

I have a whole 9 days to decide if I should follow through on the date. I’m currently feeling iffy about it.

I was supposed to see Hayden tomorrow night but realized this morning that The Bachelorette premieres tonight. I texted him to let him know and he offered to come over night so that we could have a season premiere party. I bought nacho fixings to try to re-create the awesome nachos we had at the rooftop restaurant on Saturday. (The secret: Enchilada sauce!)

And… huge news: I successfully completed my first pull-up on Saturday after training 3x/week for 9 months. I am probably the slowest person on the planet to achieve it but at least I stuck with it and eventually did it. Go me!