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I received this gem today from The Daily Pause and I thought it was really profound:

“The irony is that the person not taking risks feels the same amount of fear as the person who regularly takes risks.” (Peter McWilliams)

Go Ahead, Risk It
Most of us have heard about the fight or flight reactions associated with high anxiety. When scared, our brain stem can take over and try to make us take up arms, or pick up and run away.

There’s another kind of reaction possible in this state, however, and it may be the most common: freeze. We’re terrified so we just tighten up and dare not risk any kind of move at all.

This kind of freeze is how many of us grownups operate overall, particularly as we get older and accumulate marriages, mortgages, and kids. We have so much to lose, we dare not risk any of it.

But not risking anything can be every bit as damaging, and every bit as scary, as risking everything. 

What risky move have you been contemplating lately? What are you risking by not taking these risks?

It certainly got me thinking.

I’m on a journey to be more open with my feelings. With this in mind, I’m also working on being a more direct communicator. I’ve made small changes and have a come a long way in the past 6 months.

I find it risky to share my feelings, but I have found that I do indeed feel the same level of fear whether I share them or not. You have all witnessed this in my complaints about overthinking.

I’m going to try to be more mindful of this in the future. And, of course, it easily translates into other aspects of life: career, relationships, hobbies, financial.

Hayden came over last night to watch the season premiere of The Bachelorette. The first few episodes of every season aren’t that exciting and last night’s episode was no different.

I also am now convinced that the producers always ask the bachelor or the bachelorette to keep someone they rather wouldn’t, such as that bizarre Whaboom guy. He was disturbing. There’s just no way Rachel would have decided to keep him… yet she did.

My young daughter broached the topic first. She said, “I think they made her keep him so that we’ll be mad.”

Hayden had to leave immediately after the show ended at 11. Translation: no sex. Boo. I don’t think we’ll be able to see each other until next week, as I’ll be leaving town with the kids on Friday for the holiday weekend.