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I had plans to see Colombian Hottie on Tuesday night, and a 1st date with a Tinderite last night that I had scheduled about 2 weeks ago.

Tuesday came without a word from Colombian Hottie. Yes, I could have reached out to him but, frankly, I didn’t want to chase him down. I also didn’t want to feel pressured to have sex. I simply wanted to buy him a birthday drink and catch up.

I reached out to last night’s date yesterday morning to confirm we were still meeting that evening and was horrified to see that he’d sent a message a few days prior that I hadn’t answered. He had asked if he should choose the place or if I had a place in mind. I could have sworn I responded but must have forgotten. Oops. I felt terrible. For the record, I haven’t been that active on Tinder lately. Normally I’m very good about responding.

So yesterday morning I apologized profusely for not responding to his previous message and asked if he was still free for our date. 5 hours later, he replied that he had made plans with friends and was no longer available.

I was not impressed. If you’d made plans with someone, wouldn’t you check in with them to confirm before making plans with someone else? He suggested rescheduling but I don’t want to bother. I’m unmatching instead.

Hayden is coming over tonight. He was very lovey dovey while texting last night and even told me he loved me for the very first time in text. My heart melted.

I love him to pieces but don’t think I can be exclusive with him until he demonstrates that he wants to spend more quality time together. I want him to voluntarily suggest a weekend away or spending an entire weekend day together.

Until then, I feel better knowing I have the option of spending my free time any way I want… including going on dates if the opportunity comes up. The last thing I want to do is get in that crazy, anxious mindset I was in last December and January when my needs weren’t being met.

I started spotting last night so my period is on its way. Finally! It’s 2 weeks late.