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OMG. Irish Spaniard. *shaking my head*

I broke the news to him gently. He understood and said, “Alright. I really did have fun with you and felt enchanted after we had that first date. I’ll be around when you work through your personal stuff if you’re still interested.”

Aww. I thanked him. I was feeling warm fuzzies.

Then he said, “Yes or maybe we could have some really great sex and you’d feel better.”

Huh?? I told him that normally wouldn’t be a bad idea, but no. He continued, “I can be at your house tonight.”

And he sent a photo of his semi-hard cock.

Dammit. Why did he have to do that?! It ruined the sweet moment. I didn’t comment other than to say, “I have my kids tonight.”

I am really disappointed he thought that was a good idea. Unfortunately, he confirmed why I just wasn’t feeling it with him. My intuition knows me well.