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I had a massive headache and spent most of my weekend curled up in bed, alternating between borderline tears and trying to sleep the pain away.

Hayden arrived on Friday night for the 2nd night in a row. I had picked up a rotisserie chicken and a Greek salad from the grocery store for dinner on my way home from work. We ate dinner while talking about what we should do that evening. He asked if there was anything in particular I wanted to do that night, suggesting we go out. What?! He’d never suggested going out before. Usually we just snuggle on the couch and watch TV.

I told him I’d heard the new Wonder Woman movie was good and told him I’d be up for seeing that but, otherwise, I was fine staying in. I’d had a tough week, was tired, and welcomed a low-key night. When we realized it would probably be packed due to opening night, we opted to stay home.

He was doting and very affectionate. We had sex several times. He stayed overnight. We said I love yous. Things felt more intimate than ever.

I had a car service appointment and a doctor appointment the next morning, so unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy a lazy Saturday morning together.

We ate yogurt and drank coffee together in my kitchen before saying our goodbyes. He told me he wanted to see me again the next night. I said, “But remember, The Bachelorette is on Monday night…..”

He said he didn’t mind coming over both Sunday night and Monday night. I was shocked he was offering more than one back-to-back visit in a week. This was new behavior for him.

Turns out, I was so sick yesterday and he was tired so he decided not to come over last night. It was just as well. I’m not sure I would have been great company.

Just as I was dozing off, at 11 pm, he sent a text that said, “Hi. I just wanted to remind you that I love you. Goodnight.”

My heart did flip-flops.

He’s coming over tonight. We’re going to watch The Bachelorette. I’m going to cook dinner a la my new slow-carb diet. Today is Day 1. We’re going to have leftover rotisserie chicken, sauteed broccoli, and pinto beans.

This is the Tim Ferriss 30-day slow-carb diet that I recently read about in his book 4 Hour Body. (Tim Ferriss is a local San Francisco celebrity known for being a “human Guinea pig”.) You eat meat, veggies, and beans for every meal. However, one day of every week you get to go crazy and eat whatever you want. This weekly caloric spike day has been scientifically proven to enhance metabolism.

I’m committing to just one week as per Tim’s recommendation. Not sure if I’ll continue for the full 30 days; I think I may get bored with so little variety. We’ll see.

As I was typing this, Irish Spaniard texted me a simple “hi.” Shit. I never responded to him after he texted me on Friday asking me on date #2 for Saturday. I have to break the news to him that I’m just not feeling it but am unsure how to say it without being hurtful.

Looking at this objectively, I’m not even sure my feelings for Irish Spaniard have much, if anything, to do with Hayden. Even though we had a fabulous 1st date, I think I’m blah about him because he lives so far away and because he is an early bird (whereas I’m a night owl). Maybe I’m nit-picking… but the idea of him driving so far to see me or me driving so far to see him just makes my skin crawl. I hate my 1-1.5 hour long commute (i.e. 15 miles in Bay Area traffic) to work each way.

And there’s no way in hell I can go to bed at 9 pm every night like he does. A 10 pm compromise wouldn’t cut it, either. Geezus.

Anyway, I have to respond to his text now. Ugh. Wish me luck.