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The doctor’s visit was quick & painless yesterday. She said the severe headaches were likely a result of very tight and tense neck and shoulder muscles, especially since they’d gone on for so long. She said hormonal headaches don’t typically last longer than 2 days.

She recommended gentle neck stretches and a regular regimen of naproxen sodium 2x/day for the next few days. I had been taking 800 mg ibuprofen without relief; the doc said naproxen sodium is stronger than ibuprofen. Huh, I had no idea!

Two doses of naproxen sodium and several rounds of stretching and I’m already feeling a lot better. Hallelujah!

I still haven’t worked out in over a week but plan to get back on that horse tomorrow night.

The cold sore outbreak is almost completely healed nearly 2 weeks later. Holy hell, I have never had such a severe outbreak! This outbreak was super painful and lingering. My lips are still rashy, raw, and feel like leather. Gross.

My first outbreak was about 8 years ago and, though bad, wasn’t nearly as bad as this current outbreak. (And this is only my 3rd or 4th outbreak.)

I plan to be prepared next time. I’m stocking up on a remedy now before another series of cold sores hits. FYI: lemon balm, lysine cream, and Cold Sores BeGone all have excellent reviews on Amazon. I haven’t decided which one I’ll buy yet.

Things with Hayden continue to be awesome. He checks in every day through text and we see each other 3 to 4 times per week. He’s coming over tonight. Yay! When I told him about my doctor’s appointment, he said he’d have to give me back massage. Ahh, yes please!

We haven’t shared any alcohol since the night he arrived at my house intoxicated. I told him I wouldn’t be buying and keeping any booze in my house anymore, and he hasn’t brought any either.

That said, I will enjoy a drink with him if we’re eating dinner in a restaurant and/or he brings alcohol to my place. It simply hasn’t happened yet. He’s an adult and can make his own decisions. I am an adult and will not manipulate him by placing conditions on his behavior.

Our time together is good 100% of the time. I’ve only seen Hayden tipsy twice in the 9 months we’ve known each other. That’s nothing when you consider I’ve seen ex-boyfriends drunker more frequently and they didn’t even have issues with addiction. Tex, for example, was an emotional drunk with a hot temper.

I’m not rationalizing Hayden’s alcohol addiction or denying it exists, only stating that it doesn’t affect me. Knowing he’s an addict doesn’t change our relationship or how we relate to each other. He’s still the same Hayden I fell in love with. Nothing has changed since the day he arrived intoxicated on Memorial Day other than I no longer stock alcohol in my house… but that’s mainly for my own benefit. (I wanted to cut back on my drinking for health reasons. Booze has a lot of calories and spikes my blood sugar levels.)

It’s possible Hayden drinks before coming to see me and, if so, that’s his own business. I have no desire to interrogate him about it nor do I care what he does on his own time.

In other news, Adonis contacted me out of the blue on Friday and wanted to see me that night. I was not amused. I curtly told him I already had plans. He responded, “Alright then.” WTF is up with this guy?! Such a gamer.

I never heard back from Joaquin… if it was indeed Joaquin. So bizarre. At this point I have to assume it wasn’t him.

20 year old model dude never followed through on finalizing our coffee date last weekend. Just as I suspected.

This is my first quiet week since stepping back from dating. It’s a welcome change and I’m relishing the calm.