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Hayden came over last night later than usual because I had a friend over. He’d met this friend briefly once before, mere days before we broke up in January. She was still at my place when he arrived at 8 and we all hung out and talked while her youngest child melted down around us. She left at 9:30 while I hurriedly drew a bath for my kids.

I put my daughter to bed, then Hayden announced he’d have to leave by 10:15. What?! I expressed shock and disappointment that he’d have to leave so soon, especially since he had to make such as long trek across town. (It takes him about an hour-and-20-minutes when he takes public transit; 30-40 minutes when he takes Uber.)

I told him I felt bad that he came so far to only spend 2 hours together. He said it was worth it and that he was happy to see me if only for a short time. Aww.

No sex. Boo.

We have frequent and awesome sex… but knowing that he came over to see me without sex as the ultimate outcome was touching.

He’s coming over again tonight. Woohoo! No Bachelorette tonight because of the NBA play-offs. Of course we’re rooting for our local Warriors.

My best friend texted me last night to tell me that she and her husband were going to be in town this weekend for the Yerba Buena art walk and asked if I’d be interested in joining them. Hell yes! The last time I saw Sarah was September of last year.

I told Sarah to count me in. She replied, saying she wanted to make dinner reservations and asked if I was coming solo or planned to bring a date.

Oh. Well. Uh.

Good question.

I unthinkingly sent her an awkward text this morning telling her I’d been dating someone regularly (i.e. Hayden) but was unsure of its seriousness. I told her to make reservations for 4, since dropping to 3 was easier than adding a 4th later.

I initially thought to myself, ‘screw it, I’ll go solo without inviting Hayden because it’s unlikely I’d see Hayden on a Saturday night anyway.’ But then I thought, ‘what if he does want to see me on Saturday night and I’m not available? It would be too late to invite him then.’

Of course, I’d prefer to catch up with Sarah solo given that our busy lives in different cities prevent us from doing so nearly enough. But I also thought it would be sweet for Hayden and Sarah to meet each other… and that I could share my love of art with Hayden at the same time.

I am going to ask Hayden tonight in a very low-pressure way if he wants to join us this weekend. I hope, if he agrees, he does so because he genuinely wants to see some art and/or meet my best friend. I hope he doesn’t agree just to appease me, because he thinks I expect him to. Otherwise, I would prefer he tell me to go solo and enjoyΒ  myself.